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BIRDMAN, A Quick Review


This is gonna be a REALLY short and to-the-point review…

I just watched Birdman. I really didn’t like it. It was interesting, I suppose, and i was impressed with everyone in the cast. Then why didn’t I like it? Was it too out-of-the-box? Not really. It was quirky, it was weird, it was slightly humorous and had some not-so-dark moments, but in the end, I felt like I just wasted 2 hours of my life and I wish I watched something else.

So, a quick idea of what the movie is about – You’re watching a group of characters who are actors in a new broadway play written, directed and starring Riggan (Michael Keaton) who USED to play a superhero, Birdman, in blockbuster films, but then turns to broadway to continue a respectable acting career.

Now, I didn’t pay much attention to the previews for this movie, as I haven’t been watching as much TV as I did last year (hence the lack of posts…sorry…um, life?)

So who else is in it? Most notably, Emma Stone, Zach Galifianakis, Naomi Watts, and Edward Norton.

birdman2The movie was filmed to look like it was done in one shot, which was very cool, but it made me feel lost and overwhelmed – specifically throughout the first act…i’m not sure if Riggan is crazy, or if his character IS a bird man??  I guess that’s the appeal to this movie? Michael Keaton was fantastic – he’s good at nuts.

Side note: i LOVED Harvey Birdman, Attorney At Law. And here’s a cool piece of Birdman fanart I found on the world wide web:


Funny Movies to Watch…or NOT Watch on a Snow Day

this is the endJanuary has just begun and already we are snowed in here, in NYC. But that’s okay, because we are exceedingly eager to cozy up under the covers and watch a movie with a cup of hot cocoa! Thankfully, Hollywood has presented us with an abundance of comedic films in 2013 from which we can choose: The Hangover Part III, Grown Ups 2, Identity Thief, Scary Movie 5, Last Vegas, This Is The End, Movie 43, 21 & Over, We’re The Millers, The Heat, just to name a few.

If you’re looking for a hardy laughter-, even cackling-, inducing movie, you must, I repeat, MUST go with This Is The End. The cast alone should be enough to convince you of this movie’s hilarity. It will make you #LOL from beginning to end as it features Judd Apatow favorites like Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, James Franco, Jay Baruchel and includes Danny McBride and Craig Robinson. Plus, there’s a significant number of cameos including (beautiful and ass-kicking) Emma Watson, Paul Rudd, Mindy Kaling, Aziz Ansari, Jason Segal, Rihanna, McLovin (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), and (a hilariously dirty performance by) Michael Cera. The leading cast interacts with great chemistry. It’s no wonder considering most have known each other from a young age, from the days of (the way too short-lived) Freaks and Geeks, and have grown up together, collaborating on multiple films such as Knocked Up, Superbad, Funny People, Pineapple Express etc . What a treat seeing them play themselves: a group of goofy, weed-smoking, mostly Jewwy, dudes, boasting bromances and making fun of each other when necessary, if not at all times. Not only are they hysterical with their self-written and improvised jokes, but the story itself was great, with an unexpected plot and impressive CGI. This Is The End  is a movie that tests the friendships and courage of six buddies and colleagues upon the arrival of the Apocalypse, and they must prove they are worthy of being accepted into heaven, despite their questionable pasts. If you are a fan of the cast, or movies they’re in, and happen to share their opinions and habits, I am confident that you too will love this movie. This is the best movie of the year in my opinion, at least as far as comedies go, and will keep you #ROTFL.

If you don’t want your snow day to be a complete bummer, then surely DO NOT watch Movie 43. The film may seem promising on its surface, as it features A-list actors like Kate Winslet, Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Richard Gere, Kate Bosworth, Justin Long, Kieran Culkin, and Emma Stone, and many others. But beneath the exterior lives a sick, twisted creature that should never be seen. The film is about a desperate producer, Dennis Quaid, who threatens film industry professional, Greg Kinnear, at gun point, in order to pitch his movie and have it be made. You’ll experience a visually unbearable scene where Kate Winslet goes on a first date with the handsome Hugh Jackman. Yes, it seems perfectly normal until you see a scrotum hanging from him chin! In another pitch, parents Liev Schrieber and Naomi Watts provide a high school education to their son through homeschooling. Yes, it seems perfectly normal, but quickly turns your stomach when they role play as high school students themselves and separately prey on their son in a sexual manner. In another short, Anna Faris  requests her husband, Chris Pratt, to defecate on her, as if it is a normal request according to her and his male companions. Soon enough you see what he had in store for her, all over the windshield and all over the street Yuck! I honestly don’t know how Hollywood recruited such A-list actors to commit to such filth and perversion. Did they have them at gun point too?  Movie 43 is extremely immature, uncomfortable, and obscene…nowhere close to funny. You can RedBox this flick, but it’s not even worth a dollar and change.

We Are The Millers is another movie I’d recommend seeing as it had a good story, a strong cast, it was funny, and only had a few unnecessary scenes, like the baby made of a bag of weeds and grass. Identity Thief had a great concept! But there were too many inconsistencies and needless characters. Also, why did there have to be resolution at the end? Melissa McCarthy was a criminal! Why did Jason Bateman and family express sympathy and stay in contact when she nearly ruined their lives? Not every movie needs to have a happy ending. Her other movie, The Heat, alongside costar Sandra Bullock, was laugh out loud funny….even if I was only one of three audibly laughing. It could have been even funnier, however, had Sandra Bullock’s character not been such a textbook goody-good and if they added more tiffs between the two leading ladies. I didn’t see Grown Ups 2, but I can only imagine how incredibly predictable the plot and jokes were. I recall seeing most of the first one (I could not finish it) and knowing exactly what punchline was ahead, a clear indicator of overdone, calculated comedy. But you can’t hate Adam Sandler for this. He has built a huge fan-base for his Happy Madison empire, after all. The Hangover III may not have been my favorite of the three (I favor Part II), but it provided an appropriate and undoubtedly funny resolution to the trilogy. And come on, who doesn’t love Zach Galifianakis? I can always count on him to make me #LMFAO. And more importantly, who doesn’t like looking at Bradley Cooper? He’s hot, hot, hot, and there’s no denying that!

What can we expect for 2014? Here are some comedies we can look forward to in the new year: 22 Jump Street, Neighbors, That Awkward Moment, Blended, Ride Along, Dumb and Dumber To, Muppets Most Wanted, Sex Tape, Filth, among others. This Is The End has set a very high bar. Maybe, just maybe, one of these movies will surpass it on the Richter scale of funny, but it will be very difficult. I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Super Fun Night IS Super FunnnnNY!


Review: Super Fun Night premiered Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013 on ABC stars Rebel Wilson. You know her from Bridesmaids as Kristin Wiig’s roommate. She was also in Bachelorette (an underrated movie, if you ask me…i thought it was funnier than Bridesmaids) and Pitch Perfect. She’s fat and she’s a blonde and she’s awesome. Let’s talk about the show!

The opening scene is great; We’re introduced to Fat Amy, I mean, Kimmie Boubier. The scene starts with Kimmie recording her first video blog, which is based on her diary Ha Ha! 

We get hilarious flashbacks of Kimmie’s youth. VERY funny and I hope they keep this up because I like young Kimmie. She’s unfortunate. It’s OK tho, because today, Kimmie is really happy, things are going good, she’s got a promotion, a little crush, she’s very silly and most times borderline embarrassing – but she always plays it cool! I really like Kimmie’s personality, i think we may share similar characteristics!

It’s nice to see a show with some new faces – Kimmie’s got two best friends [with whom she is going on the super fun night out with.] Let me describe them to you. You got Marika – she’s gotta be Marla’s daughter (from A League of Their Own I’m singin’ to Nelson!”). She seems brutally honest in the ways of Melissa McCarthy (see Bridesmaids, Identity Thief, and The Heat). She sounds a lot like Emma Stone and can carry that sassy, intellectual attitude aswell. She’s a hard ass, I like her, I’d be friends with her. Then we got Helen-Alice, a nice, smart, innocent asian. She’s a dork. She wears glasses and has a ponytail!

The show is about the winners and the losers and how those losers are gonna try to be winners! The characters themselves are funny, and the writing holds some very memorable one-liners! There seemed to be some recycled jokes, but whatever. That just means the writers know what’s funny. I will never get enough fat jokes, though, so keep those coming!! Seconds, please! I’m confident this show will find itself a unique style of its own – and it doesn’t have very far to go.
The show ain’t over till the fat lady sings….and this episode, she’s singin’ her heart out! I am very excited to tune in to future episodes. I’m very relieved to have this show keep me interested, along with many other new comedies [that premiered this Fall]. There’s hope for primetime tv again!

Other thoughts:
• The theme song is really fun PLUS it’s good and SHORT. Take the hint, other shows with ridiculously long theme songs!! I WANNA WATCH THE SHOW! 
• Sometimes I think Rebel Wilson is like the female Jonah Hill…
• I Really like the cheesy jokes, more please!

Ok, TV, Summer’s over.

Time to get back to entertaining!

September is here and gone, isn’t it fantastic?! Personally, I’m looking forward to the Fall because I didn’t really get to enjoy the summer.  I missed out on the sunshine, bike riding, the beach, attempting to tan at the beach, the nights along the boardwalk…at least I got to enjoy those last days of the END of summer and anticipate all things that bring out the joy of autumn!

Fall is here and with it comes the beauty of the changing color foliage, the refreshing crisp, cool air and of course the return of Prime Time Television! I am SO ready to get back to my nightly TV rituals! Do you know how much garbage there is on TV during the day…guh…

Thanks go to Redbox and my XBox (not for the games, for the streaming – can’t go without Netflix, HBOGo, Hulu+) for keeping me entertained. If it hadn’t been for streaming, i would have thrown my cable box into a fire! There is NOTHING to watch during the day that doesn’t piss me off (except certain channels , The US Open and Cooking shows). i can’t and don’t ever watch or know the number of reality TV shows that are plaguing the airwaves!

I spent a lot of time on my big, comfy couch and watched lots of cool shows. I’ll start with the best show I watched this summer, and that’s Netflix’s original series – Orange Is The New Black.


For those of you who haven’t seen this show or are undecided if you should be tuning in, be aware you’d be missing out on some GREAT tv! What’s so special about this show? Firstly, its based on a true story and secondly its first season held up to everything that makes a series a good one! Not a single episode had me feeling bored or a waste of time on any storyline. The cast is great, the characters are all unique and have interesting and heartbreaking backstories. The pace of the show doesn’t stop, each episodes ends with me needing to watch the next episode immediately becasue I NEED to know what happens next. There’s the fears, there’s the struggles, there’s the loved ones on the outside, and there’s the enemies on the inside…do i call this show a dramedy? It’s a drama that makes me laugh, so sure. I just hope everyone can get over the fact that Jason Biggs is in this. I think he’s great, what did he ever do to you? And isn’t it nice seeing Donna from That 70s Show again? I think this character is perfect for her.  Jenji Kohen (Weeds) did an excellent job bringing this story to life, and kudos to Netflix for owning this one – can’t wait for Season 2!

What else?
The L Word – During July & August I enjoyed 5 seasons of pretty good TV (except the theme song) and the final 6th season i was like “WTF?!” and “That’s it??” I found out MOST fans of the series shared my thoughts. Because this show ended in ’09 i’m not gonna rant about it, i’ll just say, “F*** You, Jenny Schecter! F*** You!”…you can message me if you wanna talk about it, i have LOTS to complain about this amazing show’s craptastic ending.
Freaks & Geeks – why can’t i just finish this ONE season show? I’ve seen the first 3 episodes at least 2x and now that I have my sister watching it, i’ll get through it in no time.
Sherlock A modern take on Sherlock Holmes, this is a big show in that theres british accents and lots of mystery! Also, each episode is an hour and half long so cancel your evening plans cuz this one will keep you busy!
• Arrested Development WELCOME BACK and THANK YOU Netflix for giving this gem of a show a new place to call home! Though the first half of the season was a mixed bag of crazy, it was so great to see The Bluthes back together again! Kudos to Ron Howard, and I LOVE that Kristen Wiig and Seth Rogen were brought in to play a younger Lucille and George Michael Sr.!
I think the 2nd half of the season is when all the pieces started to really come together (specifically, the Tobias episode). It felt so good to laugh at them again 🙂 I still think Arrested Development was the best written comedy in TV ever (Sorry, Modern Family, i don’t care how many Oscars you get).

Under the Dome It’s Gonna Be a Long Hot Summer

under the dome

Seriously. How can people breathe under that thing? If you didn’t watch last night’s much anticipated premiere of Stephen King’s Under the Dome, there is one thing you need to do today. Find it and watch it. The pilot of this 13 episode series was enough to make me change the DVR settings to a series record and give me something to watch in my Monday 10 pm time slot. Before getting to the story itself, a few disclaimers if you will.

I have read the book. I loved the book. I am not going to say any more than that except for there are already major differences. Normally, that’s not ok for me. When you have a beautifully written piece of fiction like Under the Dome, it’s hard to get it just right for TV. When they tried it with The Stand back in the early 90’s it didn’t work. Forget that the CGI technology was no where near what it is now, but the casting was off and the chunks of story changed ruined my favorite novel of all time. Dome, however, will benefit from the changes made because they were approved and done by the master himself.

Knowing that Stephen King was along the ride every step of the way allowed me to remove that “I’ve read the book” veil, and just concentrate on watching a good and intriguing television show. The casting (so far) is spot on. Dean Norris couldn’t have been more perfect for Big Jim. His way of being charismatic and good with the people but the second someone tells him what he doesn’t want to hear, any trace of the previous persona is gone and he is manipulating you every which way possible to get the results HE wants.

It’s going to be a long, hot summer under that dome, and if they go down the dark, twisted roads ahead that I think they will, viewers of this series are definitely in for a treat.

Quick Reviews > Epic

Epic – What a fantastic movie. The theme of this story is no different than its comparable 90s animated forest-survival-flick “Fern Gully:The Last Rainforest.” Now, i grew up watching Fern Gully and i must say, yes the theme is very similar but the storyline is a bit different and the animation itself is something you need to see to believe. Talk about perfection – all the expressions and the detail, the design…it was all so flawless! This movie had a pretty big cast too – Amanda Seyfriend (remember her from Mean Girls? She also starred in Les Miserables, Mamma Mia!, Dear John.), Josh Hutcherson (Hunger Games, Bridge to Terabithia, The Kids Are Alright), Colin Farrell, Beyonce Knowles, Christoph Waltz (Django Unchained, Inglorious Bastards, Water for Elephants) , Aziz Ansari, Pitbull, Steven Tyler (of Aerosmith), Jason Sudeikis, Chris O’Dowd (Bridesmaids, GIRLS)…

epic cast

For me, I’m always excited when a story has a female protagonist. While there were male characters with a story to be told, I was interested in MK’s journey most. My imagination wants to follow the woman’s perspective I suppose and to picture my animated self in her shoes.

I’m always trying to see animated films in theaters as I feel they are deserving a big screen movie watching experience. What else has Blue Sky produced? Ice Age: Continental Drift, , Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Horton Hears A Who! All 4 of these movies were highly entertaining and beautifully made. I think Blue Sky has outdone themselves with this movie, really. I believe this is THEIR epic film and for me it surpassed many films from other animation studios – here’s a short list of recent animated films I think weren’t as impressive as Epic.

Disney Pixar’s Brave though beautifully made, i felt the story didn’t really stand above any other movie with a struggle between parent and child and we already saw enough bear possession in Disney’s Brother Bear…and next we’ll have Monster’s University..I have mixed feelings about a sequel/prequel to Monster’s Inc  and i don’t think the story needed to be touched again…work on something new and fresh, not Finding Dory!…but i’ll probably love em both…we’ll have to wait and see..

Walt Disney Animated Studios – Wreck-It Ralph  was a beautifully made film, but a let down in the end I thought…i wouldn’t rush out to buy it and add it to my collection. In fact, aside from Tangled (which is one of my all-time favorite Disney movies), The Princess & The Frog and Bolt were also somewhat disappointing movies. The style of Disney is my favorite but their movies haven’t really captivated me since 1994’s The Lion King…

What about  Sony Pictures Animation? – Well, I have yet to see Hotel Transylvania, and i refuse to watch The Smurfs. Not only do i dislike the character design, but i feel The Smurfs is a boring, old-fashioned cartoon show that isn’t deserving of being featured on the silver screen. I’m sorry, i know that’s harsh, but i think it’s really stupid to bring back The Smurfs. In fact, who thought “Oh yeah, let’s make a Smurfs movie, people LOVE The Smurfs!” They’re not relevant at all…Watch, they’ll do a live-action Snorks next…well, after Smurfs 2 they’ll start writing a script). BUT, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs was a fantastic film – the design was so different and the movie was just so fun!

Meanwhile, these films (below) by some of those same studios has really impressed me:

Disney Pixar’s most recent films in particular > Toy Story 3 (and 2 and 1), Up, Wall-E was very good, and Ratatouille – one of my absolute favorites, was so fantastic but underrated, i think…

Dreamworks – The Croods was good, i didn’t hate Nike Cage in this one, and Kung Fu Panda 2 – i could watch this movie everyday, it’s so damn entertaining.

I think I would have rather seen Epic in 2D over the 3D version. I find my eyes can’t seem to focus on the picture right and my eyebrows begin to sweat a bit. Also, the colors are not as vibrant and I want to see a big animated picture like this with the most contrast possible.

Epic had me laughing quite a bit, and I even cried a tear or two! I was sucked into the adventure pretty quickly thanks to excellent writing, acting, design and storyline. Who doesn’t want to move faster than humanly possible, defy gravity without injury…I wish I could ride a hummingbird! I can’t wait to see it again!

Hey, Tuesday! ‘Pig In a Poke’!

piginapokeThat seems like as good a title as any with the randomness that I am about to unleash on you.

Although, for you Supernatural fans, you get it; cause every Tuesday it’s the same thing, right?

Moving on…

Sunday night my television was a’hoppin’ with the drama. First, up Game of Thrones. Honestly, I did NOT see some of that coming cersei-lannister-e1363361226383down the line. Pappy Lannister is pissed off and taking it out on the kiddos. I generally despise the Lannister’s, and everything about them. Even their words annoy me, mostly because I feel like, yeah, they pay their debts… so what? Does that give you the right to be an asshole in the process? Me thinks not. However, watching Lord Tywin Lannister telling his smug-faced daughter Cersei, that she WILL wed Loras, the brother of the new soon-to-be-Queen and produce more babies… I got two words for you people. BOO-YAH! That was enough to wipe that privileged, arrogant grin right off her face, as she stomped her foot say, ‘but I’M Queen Regent!” I know I am jumping ahead of myself in the episode, but that moment was so epic for me, I just had to start there. Even though, I do find the Lannister’s at the top of my GoT shit list and virtually irredeemable, I have to say that I did feel bad for poor Tyrion. It doesn’t seem fair that after all he has endured for the family, he was appointed to marry that waif Sansa. We know he loves Shae, and how do you think this will go over with that firecracker?

jamieSpeaking of irredeemable characters, there was quite a scene between the King Slayer, Jamie Lanister and Brienne of Tarth. His breakdown of what actually went down with the mad king was pretty awesome. To see this great, brave warrior, whom is supposedly feared and hated throughout the lands, have this moment of absolutely vulnerability… wow. I never really thought much of Jamie, or the guy who played him, but that scene made me a fan of Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Jury is still out on his character though.

In other Game of Thrones happenings, we once again get to see the Khalessi, Daenerys Targaryen, and her big ass army marching daenyrsalong with great passion. How can anyone else battling for the Iron Throne have more of a claim than she? Her actions speak volumes about what kind of ruler she would be, and honestly, King’s Landing needs her. The people need her. After all, she does have dragons. Dragons trump all. She inspires loyalty and love in people by the way she speaks, carries herself and burns down her enemies. She is the Queen for the people. Cersei should take note. For me, her story is the one I look forward to the most each week. I can’t help but cheer her on, especially after the way her story began. Nothing makes me happier than to see the underdog rise up from the ashes and keep fighting. Daenerys Targaryen takes that to a whole new, bad ass level.

‘Sidenote’ Note: Am I the only one that thinks that Arya Stark is the next Brienne of Tarth? She is going to be Hell on Wheels with a sword when she’s older. The fire that rages in her and all the shit she’s gone through. That girl is going to have some serious skills one day and I don’t doubt will be a better fighter than her brother. The Hound better hope he never crosses her path again.

Don and Megan get real

After GoT winds up and the husband goes off to bed, I settle in to watch Mad Men. I usually press play off the DVR with a mediocre expectation of the next hour, and usually, it’s about what I get. This week, however, had another one of those moments that make me sit up and realize why this show is in season six, has dominated and won the Emmy drama categories, and keeps me coming back week after week. Starts out with a lot of blah blah blah… Peggy looking at apartments, Bobby Draper peeling wallpaper (Yeah, you read that right… THE KID WAS PEELING F-ING WALLPAPER!), Betty bitching about something or other, Don eye balling his mistress as she leaves with her own husband for a DC trip… completely bored and random nothingness. Then, the whole SCDP gang goes to some awards shows, and during the proceedings the news is announced that someone had assassinated Martin Luther King Jr. For a show set in a decade rife with news, war, social outrage, generational shifts, they don’t tend to use much historical happenings tied in with the central arc of the characters. However, the way they wove the assassination into the firm and showed how each of these characters dealt with all that comes with it, was truly awesome. Those moments lead to what, in my opinion, was the best moment of season six so far (Yes, even more than Trudy telling Pete to get lost) was Don’s monologue about his love, or lack thereof, for his children when they were born. I felt for the first time in a long time, Don put his shit aside and had an honest, self-reflective moment. I loved that Megan just let him go with it, and didn’t interrupt. Jon Hamm better submit that scene to the Academy. Because when Don Draper can actually make me feel sorry for him, there needs to be some sort of award for that! Check out the link before for a snippet of the scene I’m talking about.

Joan and Dawn's 'hug'

Joan and Dawn’s ‘hug’

Honorable ‘HA HA’ mention of the night: Joan’s awkward hug with Dawn. Really, we all felt it. Good try Joan, but you DID try and fire her last week.


Monday night’s TV adventure takes me through a haze of reality TV with The Voice, and then on the roller coaster ride that is Revolution. Ok, all kidding aside, if you aren’t watching this show, you seriously need too. I can’t put my finger on it as to why I find it to be appointment viewing… Oh wait, yes I can, because it kicks ass!! Miles is a BAD ASS people. Mysterious, sexy, and handy with a sword, I wouldn’t want Miles Matheson as an enemy. And if there was any hope for a ‘let’s let bygones be bygones’ between Miles and Monroe, Monroe pretty much burnt that bridge as he held their hometown hostage. When that didn’t work put a gun to Emma’s head. Now, was her declaration of a secret child a ploy to save her life or was it a truth? She did say it was Monroe’s son, but as the flash backs tell us, its possible it was Miles’ right? RIGHT? Again, I get ahead of myself episode wise, but that ending… damn! Miles is definitely more determined than ever to put Monroe down, and by the look of a wounded Monroe being escorted off by Lucifier, er… Jeremy (sorry, Mark Pellegrino will ALWAYS be Lucifier to me, right SPNFAMILY?!?) I am betting that Monroe has it in for Miles for killing Emma. Even though it was Captain Dick, sorry, Captain Dixon (…ya know what, screw it, he was a dick and I’m glad he’s dead too) that killed her.

Aaron seeing his long gone wife

Aaron seeing his long gone wife

Then, of course, there was Aaron finding the wife he left behind, only to learn she has a new family now. I generally like Aaron. He’s a smart, caring guy who looked out for Charlie and wants to do nothing but help. But, dude, really? You can’t be pissed that the wife you left behind ‘for her own good’, moved on. Even though she says she will always love him, part of her has to still be pretty miffed that he just left her with strangers. Oh, well, there was that note… :-/

Charlie is harboring some rage at Uncle Miles for something he did to her mom years ago. Am I the only one who thinks that Miles and Rachel got it on behind Ben’s back? And that maybe Charlie is really Miles’ kid? Sorry folks, been watching soaps again so I tend to cross over shitty drama for good drama.

But that ending… hot DAMN, THAT ENDING! When the President of Georgia was talking about this unknown person, I had a feeling it would be Tom. But to see that door open and his icy grin fill up my screen made my heart go all a-flutter, and not for the reasons you may think. Giancarlo Esposito has quickly become the quintessential bad guy, and I love watching him do it. Putting aside his role as Pierce Hawthrone’s half-brother on Community, he actually terrified me as Gus on Breaking Bad, and as Captain Tom Neville on Revolution made me seethe with a rage I thought unthinkable to feel while watching television. Here is another man that deserves an award.

Giancarlo Esposito, as Captain Tom Neville

Giancarlo Esposito, as Captain Tom Neville

Thank God that this show got picked up for seasons two. I need more characters like Charlie, Miles and Nora. The action, drama and dialog in this show are genuine. Eric Kripke and J.J. Abrams have, once again, made some damn good TV here. With a cast and crew that are pretty awesome as well. I don’t know of too many casts that live tweet during their shows to connect with fans. I certainly don’t know any others that direct message their fans on Twitter, thanking them for comments and watching the show. I’m looking at you Tim Guinee and JD Pardo (@timguinee and @PardoJD respectively), stay classy boys.

So, with that being said… Watch it. Take Back the Power with the rest of us. You won’t be sorry.

Stay tuned kids, much more TV to dish about!


SOAPS ARE BACK! With the premiers of All My Children and One Life to Live on TOLN (The Online Network), I can’t help but wonder, is this truly the future of television? But, more on that later. Keep an eye out for my review later this week of the new incarnations of some of television’s oldest (and longest) running shows!

• For reality junkies – Deadliest Catch is back for SEASON 9 people!! How can a show about crab fishing be so damn compelling?? Tune in a 9 p.m. tonight on Discovery and see. Really, I swear it is almost hypnotic. That, and the guys on the Time Bandit are f-ing crazy!

• A brand new Supernatural this Wednesday, which shows a very sickly Sam passing out, and Dean having to do ‘god-only-knows-what’ to save him. For any one else like myself who watches that show holding their breath half the time, Sammy wasn’t looking too good in that preview. With the trials two-thirds complete and a prophet on the run, the boys will need a miracle to get it done. Or Castiel, I’m sure he could help.

• Count down to The Office Series Finale with us! Every Thursday night we are watching and talking The Office. With only a handful of episodes left, don’t miss out on the fun!

• Speaking of Thursday nights, while The Office is the main event, there are also some amazing little shows called Community and Parks and Recreation. I can honestly say, NBC’s domination of the Thursday night line-up is chock full of characters that you just want to wrap up, take home and keep as pets. Who among us wouldn’t want your very own Abed or wished they were getting a text from Jeff? I know, personally, I would LOVE to have a Leslie Knope in my home. It would be so organized, and fun, and full of waffles. Throw in a Ron Swanson and you automatically have an assortment of breakfast meats at any given time. Pure bliss.

What are you most looking forward to watching this week?

Quick Reviews and Stuff

Quick Reviews

  • If you like violence, deception, sex, medieval costumes, the effects of poor hygiene and foreign accents, I HIGHLY recommend The History Channel’s new show – Vikings (which premiered 3/2/2013). It’s an incredibly intriguing show and honestly, I decided to tune in just to hold me over until the new season of Game of Thrones started. Well, I got sucked in RIGHT away! Absolutely loved the opening sequence and theme song, very haunting. Now, I don’t know much about the history of the Vikings, except that they don’t quit till the fat lady sings, but if this story holds true, well, i’m glad I wasn’t around during that time period! Holy crap, you don’t fuck with the Vikings! They’re very big and angry and have a ridiculous sense of entitlement with no regard of human life…they take what they want and they’ll die for their gods with honor. (For a quick synopsis on each episode, visit The Official Website here.)

  • “What’s the point of living with your parents if you can’t use them for unpaid help?”  True that. How To Live With Your Parents (For The Rest Of Your Life) – I think that’s my biggest fear in the whole wide world, actually…that’s what i want the most to NEVER happen to me…and for one week I was homeless!…that was the worst, but i could learn to sleep in my car if need be. ANYWAYS…the show is cute – moves fairly quickly, and reminds me very much of Arrested Development – has a narration, the white text w/arrows that pop up every now and again, has flashbacks and many characters that are easily likeable. It also has a happy-go-lucky whisteling/ukulele score in the background and they even made a “Therapist/The Rapist“ joke in the first episode!…..another thing, Polly (Sarah Chalke – Scrubs, Rosanne) even recollects being an activist, much like Lindsay Bluth Funke. Despite being unimpressed by the format, i can’t fault the show for doing what has succeeded in the past…it did make me LoL SO I have given this show my 3 Episode Promise and I think i will continue to tune in. Plus, the kid’s name is ‘Natalie’…”that’s my name…that’s my name.”

  • Bates Motel is a creepy show. So much happens in the first episode. Starting right away with the death (or murder?) of Mr. Bates… Norma Bates, the mother is a suspicious character right from the get-go and she’s got a tight chain of guilt around Norman’s neck. Poor Noman, well all he’s got is his mother, seems like he has quite an affinity for her despite her great parenting skills. Norman’s creepy too, good casting job. Now i’ve never seen Psycho, but i was recommended from my friend Jen that i should stick to the series and then watch the flick. There is so much that goes on in the premiere, and now I’m  appeased to catch up to the latest episode….so many questions! 

Looking Forward To…


Finally coming back and broadcasting through Netlix, and if they’re smart they’ll keep it up and demand taking The Office to 10 seasons!!. Premiering May 26, 2013 – a day to mark in Entertainment History, that THE BEST SHOW IN COMEDY is coming back to me, to all of us as it was so wrongly cancelled in 2006. I didn’t watch Arrested Development when it was on FOX but so many people i knew highly recommended it so I bought the DVDs and found out what smart and funny writing really was. Arrested Development was the best show, had an incredible cast too!


I didn’t know there was going to be a SERIES to probably my favorite Zombie movie ever! (or is it Shawn of The Dead? I don’t know.) Hopefully this web-based series (thanks to for producing this) will be as enertaining as the movie was. 


  • DEEP SOUTH PARANORMAL (on SyFy) yeah, i’ll probably watch it just to see some footage, but it seems like they’re trying to find people to ridicule and i’m not down for that, and therefore won’t tune in to such nonsense. But I do believe in ghosts!!

  • FRIENDS is coming back to TV, I hear….don’t they have enough money already? How about NBC lets The Office have 10 Seasons instead!?

  • SOUTH PARK where are you and when are you coming back?? I need to laugh!! says Season 17 (which will only have 10 episodes) will be premiering Wednesday, September 25th, 2013….SEPTEMBER!!??