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BIRDMAN, A Quick Review


This is gonna be a REALLY short and to-the-point review…

I just watched Birdman. I really didn’t like it. It was interesting, I suppose, and i was impressed with everyone in the cast. Then why didn’t I like it? Was it too out-of-the-box? Not really. It was quirky, it was weird, it was slightly humorous and had some not-so-dark moments, but in the end, I felt like I just wasted 2 hours of my life and I wish I watched something else.

So, a quick idea of what the movie is about – You’re watching a group of characters who are actors in a new broadway play written, directed and starring Riggan (Michael Keaton) who USED to play a superhero, Birdman, in blockbuster films, but then turns to broadway to continue a respectable acting career.

Now, I didn’t pay much attention to the previews for this movie, as I haven’t been watching as much TV as I did last year (hence the lack of posts…sorry…um, life?)

So who else is in it? Most notably, Emma Stone, Zach Galifianakis, Naomi Watts, and Edward Norton.

birdman2The movie was filmed to look like it was done in one shot, which was very cool, but it made me feel lost and overwhelmed – specifically throughout the first act…i’m not sure if Riggan is crazy, or if his character IS a bird man??  I guess that’s the appeal to this movie? Michael Keaton was fantastic – he’s good at nuts.

Side note: i LOVED Harvey Birdman, Attorney At Law. And here’s a cool piece of Birdman fanart I found on the world wide web:


Binge-Worthy TV: Top 10 Shows to Fill Up On

Homer Simpson - couch potatoOur Picks for the Top Ten Shows to Fill Up On

Oh, how the holidays are filling! Family dinners, luscious desserts… from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve, our waistlines suffer, as does our need for good entertainment. Most shows go on hiatus near the end of the fall, and, while reruns are OK from time to time, I like to try and find something that’s brand new to me. And totally binge-worthy.

We here at EMTV have a tendency to dive in and get wrapped up when we find a new show that catches our interest. I remember over one Christmas break from work, I got through the first two (and sadly only two) seasons of Carnivale. Watched the first few episodes, and two days later had watched all twenty-four. Since then, there have been quite a few vacations, weekends, and holidays where we’ve given our Netflix subscriptions a severe workout, and we want to share our top ten favorite binges with you.

While arguments can be made for a lot of shows that have aired over the years, we tried to find a representative of various genres. Ya know, cause sometimes you just wanna bring on the funny, while others you want to dive deep into a mythical realm where dragons and imps reign supreme.

In really no particular order, I give to you – Shows to Waste Enormous Amounts of Time On!

Sons of Anarchy (2008-Present) – This past fall I had seen so many people freaking out about what was happening on Sons of Anarchy, I knew it would be one to check out. It had always been one of those those shows I noticed, but had such a busy viewing calendar, I put it off. Luckily I had a few hours to kill when my other shows went on hiatus. Now, here I am three weeks later and five seasons deep.

Like most violent dramas, SOA has no shortage of blood, bullets, and boobs. But, unlike other shows of its’ type, it actually surprises you. Every time I thought, oh, well, it’s gonna go this way… it shifts gears and goes in a completely different direction. I must shout WTF! at least two times per episode.

Much like a lot of characters on TV lately, this gang of hoodlums are definitely of the anti-hero ilk. Criminals at heart and by choice, this is a bunch of men (and women) that you would never normally root for. So why is it that you can’t help but want them to constantly get away with the bad things they do? Because deep down, you know these guys (and gals) love their family and are only trying to provide for them and protect their home town.

The cast is pretty stellar, and they inject a certain something into their characters that makes their bad sides kinda hard to hate. Well, except Clay. I think I will ALWAYS hate Clay. The show is a bit like crack, but if you can handle the addiction, I say this is a show you could easily binge on.

The “L” Word (2004-2009) – What makes a TV show one to binge watch? I think you need to ask yourself what you LIKE to watch. Now, I’ve tried watching shows that people suggest or even what smart search suggests, but I find it’s best to binge on what you know and love. Do you like non-stop drama and attractive women? Well, The L Word could be the show for you to binge on!

There’s 6 seasons of non-stop drama for your mama, an amazingly beautiful and talented cast of women, and an array of characters with various personalities. With this show you’re going to learn so much about the Gay Culture along with the pride and struggles behind same-sex partners. Meanwhile seeing these women deal with the problems relationships bring, on top of real life responsibilities – work, family, love, and survival.

This show will give you an introspective look at the minds and hearts of women. How they think and feel. What friendship and love is really about, and lots of hook ups too! These lesbians know where it’s at in L.A.! Gay rights is a hot topic on this show, so if you’re homophobic, don’t skip this one! You should tune in and learn something!

There’s LOTS of depth and substance throughout this show, despite it’s questionable and frustrating 6th season finale. But at least you had a HELL of a run! I HIGHLY recommend watching The L Word – it made me laugh and cry. It made me pick sides and then switch perspectives! It’s an interesting show with a good sense of humor and whole lot of heart.

Supernatural (2005-Present) Two hot guys, a cool car and lots of other-worldly adventures. How could you NOT want to pour yourself into this show? But even beyond its pretty packaging, the story itself is an epic tale of Cain and Abel proportion set in modern day. Supernatural is a story of a family torn apart by a life-long destiny that no one wanted, and everyone tried to run from.

Take every story you’ve heard about monsters going bump in the night, and you have your MOTW (Monster of the Week) stories, being held up by a strong and deep mythology that will leave your mouths agape as it unfolds. The show is able to make fun of itself one week and leave you in a messy pile of feels on the floor, the next.

What makes this show binge-able (and sustainable) after nine seasons, is the amazing acting chops of said pretty packaging: Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. These guys are goofballs and best friends off set, but when the cameras roll, they can set your emotions off in a tail spin. From laughing to tears all in one episode, THEY are what makes this show just that much more amazing than the others of its’ kind. Go ahead, jump in the Impala and take the ride with the Winchesters… you won’t regret it.

The Walking Dead (2010-Present) This show… well, unless you have been living under a rock these past few years, you have to have at least heard of The Walking Dead. If you are generally a fan of horror, blood, guts and zombies, then this is the show for you to spend countless hours diving into.

From the first minute, it is compelling, character driven television. Sure there are lulls in the story, but when you are battling slow moving, brainless flesh eaters, sometimes there just happens to be a little down time. What The Walking Dead offers in the study of human nature is nothing short of spectacular. That, and the unique way the writers find to kill the zombies, is what makes TWD a fairly binge-able show.

Besides the awesome make-up and special effects, the characters themselves are pretty bad ass (for the most part). As the story unfolds, and people come and go, you will find yourselves more wrapped up in the warped thinking of some characters, than the zombie threat they live with. Questionable decisions, and unlikely heroes will keep you watching episode after episode until you feel like one of the zombies yourself.

The Office (2005-2013) I could go on and on as to WHY The Office is the best comedy in the world to binge on, but in the words of Dunder Mifflin’s boss Michael Scott, I’m going to K.I.S.S. the topic instead (K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Stupid)

It’s funny. Period. No, wait… its REALLY funny. Like, side splitting funny. And dumb, really, really dumb. What separates this from the average funny show you ask… The people who work in the office. Michael Scott is a normal guy, who just wants to know what it feels like to have friends, family, and be the best boss in the world. Oh, and be the best improv comedian, magician, screenwriter, actor, etc. in the universe. Wrap all that up in one average paper salesman turned manager, and let the hi-jinks ensue. Then, back him up with a sidekick like Dwight Schrute, and all bets are off. Michael and Dwight are just TWO of the laundry list of reasons why this show should be THE comedy to watch – again and again and again.

What really makes this the comedy to binge on isn’t just the laughs, but all the little things that support the funny. There are also these moments in the documentary-style off-beat comedy that are sweet and poignant. It’s smart and ridiculous all at the same time. And with each episode only twenty (or so) minutes long, you could easily breeze through nine season’s worth of episodes. Trust me, once you get a load of Michael Scott’s screenplay, you won’t want to stop watching!

Fringe (2008-2013) You either like Sci-Fi or you don’t. But I suspect that even if you fall into the latter category, you could easily get wrapped up in Fringe. I happen to be a big fan of sci-fi shows, books and movies. So when I saw this show and that it was combined with a name like J.J. Abrams, I really couldn’t pass up a little gem like this.

I watched this show as it unfolded in real time on FOX. Somewhere between seasons 3 and 4 I got behind, and ended up binging on DVDs of seasons 1-4 in order to get ready for the shortened fifth and final season. While the story is mythology heavy and the “fringe” part of the science discussed is way over my IQ level, I couldn’t stop watching this show.

I’ll give you the four main reasons to give Fringe a chance: Walter, Peter, Olivia and Astrid. Remember that last name, because Walter always forgets; but the alternatives he comes up with are just the icing on the cake. Walter is one of the most amazing characters I have ever watched on TV. Of course, you have to completely suspend belief in realism to fully immerse yourself in it, but I think if you can shut off your brain for a while, you would easily get sucked in to the alternative Fringe-verse that awaits. Besides, Walter makes some really amazing drugs in his lab. Do you really want to miss out on that? And did I forget to mention there’s a cow?

Breaking Bad (2008-2013) There is a very popular trend on television over the past ten years of showcasing the anti-hero main character-type. I mentioned it earlier that the SOA crew was made up of personalities like that, but no show did that character type better than Breaking Bad’s Walter White. I know, it’s hard to imagine a man in his 50’s, wearing khakis, a cheap button down dress shirt and sneakers as a scary villian. But. somehow Bryan Cranston did that with cancer-stricken chemistry teacher, Walter White.

Along with his meth-cook sidekick Jessie Pinkman, Walter White made his mark on everyone’s Sunday night for five years. Having a break in my TV schedule last year, I found it on Netflix and caught up with the rest of the world, watching Walt struggle with a poor health diagnosis and a growing methamphetamine business. On more than one occasion I found myself watching, completely captivated, mouth agape, at what I was watching unfold.

I don’t think there is another show on television that had such a strong run as Breaking Bad. From start to finish it told a complete story, with a very satisfying ending. Because of the way the show is formatted, binging on it is just as easy as binging on Walt’s special blue meth, or so I presume. Most endings are left in a cliffhanger, and most of the beginnings foreshadow a oncoming disaster, so it is nearly impossible to tell yourself, “Just one more episode.” 

How I Met Your Mother (2005-2014) It all started in January 2013. I had no work… for the whole month! So, what did I do? I sat on my comfy-@$$ couch and binged on Netflix! And what did I watch you ask? Eight and a half seasons of How I Met Your Mother until I caught up to present day airing. That’s gotta be some sort of a record!!! HIMYM is an easy show to binge on. Each episode is only 22 minutes, which means, I could view about 3 episodes per hour, and if on average I watched 6-8 hours of TV, that’s 18-24 episodes a day. We’re looking at 1 season, or just shy of 1 season, a day. So, the viewer just flies through the show, getting a lot of TV for a “lesser” time commitment.

HIMYM is just down right cute and fun, and extremely relatable! With nothing to do for the month of January, I decided to make some new friends: Lily, Marshall, Robin, Barney, and Ted! They are a group of true friends who can be extremely silly and completely honest with each other. They will call each other out when necessary, even hold an intervention for one another, and will always have each others’ backs! The show’s use of call-backs, past references, and countless inside jokes allows the audience to feel as though they’ve been seamlessly admitted into the crew, without any questioning or hazing. The writing is inviting and open-minded, very appropriate for today’s young adult generation. Nothing is off-limits on HIMYM. They address topics like dating, parenthood, mommy & daddy issues, employment and relationship issues, sex, drugs, alcohol, friendships, friends with benefits, bromances, bachelor-life… you name it, it’s in there! Any viewer can easily relate to any one or more of the characters.

Barney Stinson is reason enough to watch the show! Though Robin is my personal favorite, Barney steals the show. He may be cocky, chauvinistic and outrageously ridiculous, but that’s what gets you hooked. His shenanigans are worth seeing and keep you wanting more. Neil Patrick Harris is an exceptional actor, period. If anything, at least watch the episode where Barney sings “Suits.” Who doesn’t love a musical episode? And if you enjoyed that, be sure to catch episodes featuring Robin Sparkles to hear “Let’s Go to the Mall,” and “Sandcastles in the Sand.” #Hilarious

The final reason to stay tuned is to find out who the eff Ted’s wife will be! So be sure to catch up, it’s quick and easy, and most importantly, it’s fun! Watch it on Mondays at 8pm on CBS because it’s going to be LEGEN wait for it…. DARY! LEGENDARY!

Game of Thrones (2011-Present) Watching Game of Thrones (GoT) at first was a little bit like one of those crazy dreams where it was high school history class combined with a strange acid trip, and flavored with ancient fairy tales… and not the kind granny used to tell. You know, those crazy, old, scary ones that were meant to frighten little children to keep them out of the woods. Yeah, that was my initial taste of GoT when I gave it a shot last February. But, you know what? After the end of episode two, I was diggin’ it. So, two seasons in about a week, really wasn’t hard.

Game of Thrones really is epic. Sometimes I think that word is thrown around a little to liberally with TV Shows these days, but in this case, its fitting. Even though there are a lot of characters, (even now I still get names confused) you will end up coming to love or loathe all of them. Its a great fit for a trip to fantasy island, where you just want to immerse yourself in a new realm, full of kings and queens, horrible and wonderful, swords and dragons, dire wolves and whitewalkers…

While there are only three seasons available, and only ten episodes per seasons, GoT is a great binge show. Yes, its heavy in dialogue, accents and, well, boobs, but there are dragons! Seriously, people, dragons!! How could you NOT want to see that! It’s clever, surprising, fascinating and captivating television. Winter is coming, don’t be the last one in from the cold.

Mad Men (2007-Present) Ok, to be honest, I struggled a little in choosing one last show for this list. Ultimately, what made me choose Mad Men is still a bit of a mystery to me. I started the show through DVDs from Netflix, and had a hard time getting past the first disc. When it became available for streaming, I decided to try again and picked up where I left off. Not exactly sure what it was, but from that second chance, I devoured four seasons in no time.

Here’s the funny part – one of my fellow TV Junkies asked me what I found so compelling about Mad Men. The more I thought about it, I couldn’t come up with a good answer. I just went blank. Yet, I couldn’t wait to get to the next episode. When season 5 became available, I watched it in a handful of days. What I think I enjoyed about it most, is the era and the business of advertising on Madison Avenue in the 1960’s. A period in time that sparks an interest and an industry that is close to my heart, I guess there was just an attraction for me to this show. BUT, as I got further and further into the seasons, the more I dug it.

Aside from the main character, Don Draper, the surrounding cast is phenomenal. Peggy, secretary turned Copy Editor, is a force to be reckoned with and Roger Sterling is just pure entertainment to watch. Don eventually gets interesting and his character slowly becomes a perfect study of childhood trauma affecting adult behavior. If you have any interest in psychology or study of social behavior, than this show is REALLY for you! Action-free but full of booze, sex and lies, Mad Men is a great way to fill your need for some serious drama-centric entertainment.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: These are some one or two seasons shows that are definitely worth considering for a quick binge-fix:

Orange Is The New Black (2013-Present, Netflix Original) – Excuse my language, but this show is the sh*t. Funny, sad, ridiculous… oh, and a character named Crazy Eyes. Need I say more?

The Newsroom (2012-Present, HBO) – Easily the best drama of its kind on television. Jeff Daniels won that Emmy for a reason folks, Watch it. Delight in it. Then watch it again, because you will hear things you missed the first time around. Brilliant and exciting television. HBO better give MORE than nine episodes for its third season, due to air sometime in 2014.

Revolution (2012-Present, NBC) – This show is intense. It gets a little mucky in the middle of season one, but the season that is currently airing on NBC has been nothing short of fantastic. Revolution is scientific, apocalyptic and has hot dudes fighting with swords. You really can’t go wrong.

American Horror Story (2011-Present, FX) – The ONLY reason AHS wasn’t included on the initial list was because it is currently airing its third season on FX. But, you can easily watch the first two stories in this horror series on Netflix now. Season 1: Murder House and Season 2: Asylum, are completely separate stories, and both fun and horrid in their own ways. But the real reason to dive into this show – two words… Jessica Lange. That is all.

Thanks for following along, and I hope this little review helps you pick some binge-able shows to add to your roster to fill in the gaps of what’s new on TV. As I wrap up the last few episodes of Sons of Anarchy, I am ready to line up my next one – any suggestions?

Here’s hoping 2014 brings us some great new television that doesn’t include any laugh tracks or procedural cop shows. Happy New Year to all, and don’t forget to set those DVRs!

What I Want to SEE from American Horror Story!

American Horror Story 3×08 – Is there a way for me to keep this blog short? …Doubtful!

I’ve been told by my colleague that THIS season was deemed to be lighter and more whimsical than Season 2; that the writers needed a break after their dark and heavy masterpiece, Asylum. Well, you know what I say to that? Grow a pair, creators!! Are you KIDDING me? As I said in my last post, where’s the horror?

Cordelia-Acid-Eyes-American-Horror-Story-Coven-The ups and downs in the story have made me question if and how this show could possibly clean up the mess of a season they’ve created. The story is just all over the place!

We’ve got a supreme that’s awesome one episode and then falling apart in the next! How many times do we need to see Fiona battle for witch supremacy? In the beginning of the season Fiona deals with time and the inevitable effects it has on the human body, which was a great start to her downfall – And we learned very quickly how powerful she is (lots of house fights and usage of the assisting power of walls…bah). Too bad she stopped sucking the life out of people…she did it once and that was it…why? You’d think she’d have performed that trick against Madison!

We all know Fiona is purely selfish and evil; she cares not for her coven, nor her daughter’s well-being. She was successful in accusing Myrtle for her daughter’s acid-attack, and after burning that witch down, we never speak of the instance again?  Nope! Instead, she’s jazzing it up with The Axeman!

307 fiona copy

Furthermore, Fiona manipulates the young witches…what a great role model.

It’s almost too bad the coven failed to get Fiona to kill herself [because I wanna know who the next supreme is!!]…thanks a lot, Spalding, for giving Fiona a spoonful of not-sugar to help that medicine come up!

My ranting may be deceiving. Though I am flustered with this story, I truly do love the characters. I am still captivated by Jessica Lange and her glorious dialogue. I still want to run my fingers through Lily Rabe’s beautiful locks. I want more bad-ass Angela Bassett on my screen! I still anticipate what the next episode will bring to us each week!  I just want to convey my concern for the direction this season has taken [in the writing, the mixed back of plots…] there are so many holes in the story, I don’t want to be as disappointed as I was with Season 1! (I don’t mean to hate on Season 1, it was just not as good as Season 2 and it had a stupid ending).

Might as well wrap this up with a “short” list of complaints:

  • Somehow Madison’s back to normal and can feel sadness. She can’t get full but she can feel heartache. She still has a love/hate relationship for people; she likes a brain-dead multi-boy but hates her coven-sister with downs…you can’t be pretty, get a second chance at life and STILL be a bitch…what did NAN ever do except make nice with the hot neighbor? Oh…there it is.
  • Cordelia, you can’t complain about the staff not serving you a cup of tea when you can’t even attend classes, keep track of your students’ whereabouts or, wait for it, SEE!…..JEEBUS!
  • Zoe is the only one who’s learning something– kill people, just go ahead, kill people. Death snatch must be out of commission so murder by stabbing is the way to go and no one cares where Spalding is. Will Zoe burn for this? Or will Fiona forgive and forget since that seems to be the best way to handle things. Sweep it under the rug like a good witch! No one has to know…
  • I was really hoping Kathy Bates would play a more dominant role this season, but like so many characters, she just comes and goes without an afterthought.  She’s the most horrifying character when we get a glimpse at her past…too bad there isn’t more of that. I wish the season extended its story of her reign.
  • Queenie joins the Voodoo clan and instead of CARING about it, the coven will only resent her…way to go. Do Queenie’s parents know? Luckily, Detective Zoe & Madison are on the hunt! After following the scent of gumbo and sweat, they find her under an overpass! Those girls are GOOD! And now she’s pretty ruthless, effortlessly steals a man’s heart. That was awesome! It was bad-ass, it was, as she said, “VooDoo”.  I hope to see this transfer maximize Queenie’s VooDoo skills, as it hasn’t improved her acting skills.
  • Is the Axe Man alive or is he still a ghost? They haven’t resolved that yet…instead we get a hypothetical situation of Fiona on her death bed to waste our time with. Good job on the make-up, though – glad I got too see Gollum make a cameo!
  • I was VERY underwhelmed by the introduction between Misty Day and Fiona…my heart is set on Misty becoming the next supreme, but after that pathetic interaction I truly DO NOT KNOW what the heck is going on. Now I’m just hoping that Fiona kills everyone and then she’s supreme by default, she agrees to leave the voodoos alone in exchange for immortality and she can live happily ever after with her invisible friends, Casper the Jazzy Ghost and Roadkill, her faithful servant. I wonder if Axeman and Spalding will have a paranormal battle for Fiona’s heart…

I look forward to the next episode – Things will be LOOKING up for Cordelia, we’re hopefully going to get SOME sort of resolution with Hank and his magic silver bullets, and hopefully we’ll start to find a purpose.

Best line of the episodeCordelia: I never thought I’d see you again!

Come On, TV…What Are You Doing??

Anyone else a little annoyed, bored or perplexed by TV? There are a few programs that are “urking” me this season. ALL summer and beginning of fall we wait for our favorite shows to come back from hiatus and what do we get? MALARKY! Why are some shows doing great and others not-so-great??

What’s got me annoyed? How I Met Your Mother. They should have titled this season “How Your Uncle Married My Ex-Girlfriend” …..ALL season (and all those leading up to now) we’re plagued by Ted’s failed love attempts, which, by now should have finally come to a close with him finally meeting the mother! Well, so far, all we’ve gotten this season is a whole lotta NOTHIN’…nothin’ but silly jokes, gags & cameos. At least we get to enjoy angry Lilly. I get that it’s a HUGE event for Barney & Robin (though I still don’t get how they ended up together…but whatever, my sister agrees that they’re perfect for each other, and since she binged on the show’s entirety off Netflix this past summer, I’m just going to have to take her word for it) but why are they DRAGGING THIS OUT! Why do we need the play by play of a WEEKEND with these people?? What is this, 24: At Barney’s Wedding?? Not to mention Marshall’s been on a road trip…they couldn’t drive to another airport and get on another flight? There are no busses?? And when are Marshall and Lily gonna resolve their career conflict?? I want to believe this whole season is building up to an epic moment for Ted, but I feel that once THAT happens, once we FINALLY see how he meets the mother, we’re done! We’re not going to get to join in on the  journey because we’ve been spending the entire time WAITING for the Wedding day that took too long to happen! We saw how Ted proposed, but I need more – I want the romance and the relationship they’ve built together to blossom before my eyes once a week….i am very annoyed, can ya tell??

What’s got me bored? The Walking Dead. …..BORING…come on, creators…you’re killing me and I’m gonna shoot myself in the head so I don’t have to wake up and be a part of this snooze-fest. JEEBUS! Can we get a little more action and little more progression??  I need to know how the group will react to Carol’s exile and what Tyrese will do when the news hits him in the face like a hammer to a zombie! How the heck did Glen survive the brink of death? And who does Rick think he is?? “THIS IS A DEMOCRACY THAT YOU CHOSE NOT TO BE A PART OF! NOW GO MAKE SOME COMPOST AND RAISE SOME PIGS…WHAT DO WE WANT? BACON!! WHEN DO WE WANT IT? 4 EPISODES AGO!!” AND CAN WE JUST BRING CAROL BACK!? JEEBUS!! And come on, New Camp…you’re gonna take in the deadliest man alive and trust him and his one eye on a food hunt?? Are ya kidding me? Uuuummm how about you tell this stranger to stay with his new family, repair leaks, dig some more zombie holes, let the 2-eyes handle the big-boy responsibilities. Once again though, good ‘ol Gov’s BACK on top and killin’ anyone who gets in the way of him being The Man, or in this case RV-Camp Champ! One-Eyed Brian and all his zombie-heads will be proudly displayed in his RV soon enough….I’m ok with seeing the Zombie Apocalypse from other perspectives, but I need some resolution and I need some answers…this season is starting to feel too much like Season 2 (remember how frustrating it was knowing that Sophia was in the barn and they were all like, “omg you’ve got Zombie Sophia in the barn?? We’ve been looking all over for her!”) and I’m ready for them to leave the prison-life…

I was told that the 2nd half of this season is going to pick up at a faster pace; that it will be better than the first half, but I don’t accept that…what, am I supposed to just be ok with waiting for something better?? You know what I do when that happens? I DROP a show like it’s HOT (but it’s not)! I’m like, “FUNZO DONEZO!” Just like I did with Glee, just like I did with The New Girl, just like I’m thinkin’ about doing with Super Fun Night…and just like I should have done with Lost (I STILL don’t want to talk about it). TWD, you better not walk in those stupid footsteps or else….or else I guess I’ll stop watching!

(Sike, that’s an empty threat…i’ll still totally tune in…)

What’s got me perplexed? American Horror Story: Coven. Ummm…sooo…where’s the horror? Yeah, I think that’s all I really need to say. After TWD rant I just went on, might as well get straight to the point with AHS:C.

Sike, I’ll indulge you with my anger and wit;

Hey Creators! Remember Season 1 when you freaked us all out? I was SO scared (until I put my big-girl pants on) JUST from the opening scene/opening credits and from the first time I heard that broken mp3 you chose as the theme song!  Too bad the Murder House finale was a farce..but whatever…And remember Season 2? You did such a great job with the writing, the direction and the symbolism, I could put Asylum on a pedestal and worship it, I believed in it so much!

Most excitingly, this season brought us an impressive cast – predominantly women of many familiar faces and some new, but all for what?
– Where’s the crazy voodoo magic and impressive spells of witchcraft?
– Why isn’t the supreme being supreme?? Oh, she’s too busy being a terrible mom, ghost-lover? Okay….
– Is the Axeman still a ghost, or what?
– Where’s Lily Rabe and her beautiful hair? (if you haven’t been reading my posts on AHS, just know that I’m in love with her this season)
-What’s the point of Kyle? I’m not very impressed with his Frankenstein performance …though I did like his butt.
-And did Zoe have enough brains to record the conversation she had with Spalding in order to bring justice to the wicked witch of the bayou??
-AND where the heck was NAN this last episode?? Just like where the heck was Kathy Bates that episode the girls decided to play with the Ouija board?? AND WHERE ARE THE TEACHERS?? Are the parents of these 3 students made aware of the danger their children are in? It’s 9pm, do you know where your children are? Oh, let me fill you in, cuz you should know  they’re barely surviving zombie attacks, being raped by attic goblins, and having unprotected threeways with a boy made of other boys! I thought this school was supposed to be a safe haven for these girls!!…

UGGHH That stupid three way…WHY?? FOR WHAT? How does that pertain to the story besides throw it off completely?? Oh, maybe Zoe will absorb some magic through her death snatch, another power to add to the list. “SUPER Death-Snatch…check”

Last I checked, it was called American HORROR Story,
not American WHORE Story! 


I TRULY can not wait until Myrtle sprouts from the death garden into a flower of fury, bustin’ out with the truth and takes Fiona DOWN! Or tries to before Fiona can slam her against a wall (her best trick yet!…And btw, anyone wonder why Fiona used a match to light Myrtle on fire and not just use her Supremeness to do it? She should have snapped her fingers like Mary Poppins and WOOSH spit-spot, fire to the witch!). At least Queenie made her way to the dark side where she belongs*..she’s a HUMAN VOODOO, who could teach her better than the ultimate Voodoo herself? *Jokingly, it works in regards to complexion aswell 😉

Instead of a good horror story we have a late night drama of headless minotaur crap. Honestly, the only characters NOT pissing me off this season are Misty, Zoe with a chain saw, and Voodoo Queen, Angela Bassett who is ROCKIN’ the role wit dat accent!

spaldingNow that we are rid of Spalding and his exemplary personal hygiene and physical upkeep (…which, btw, I wonder if Zoe buried him under the gazeebo), I’d say Madam LeLaurie is the most horrifying character – as long as we get more flashbacks from her days of terrible bigotry. Yes, she’s all locked up now, gettin’ what she deserves and THAT’S good writing, but how can AHS explain the rest?? Can this mixed up story tie together in ANY way?? It’s all over the place and should really get back on track cuz right now I have NO idea what they’re doing except disappointing me.

JUSTICE, or Lack Thereof, for the Wicked…

So, I’m a little annoyed with The Walking Dead. I’m tired of shows trying to make me sympathize with horrible people. This past week we caught up with The Governor. This is one bad-ass dude and you can feel it even when watching Talking Dead when host, Chris Hardwick introduces David Morrissey to the audience…the silence is deafening…everyone’s SO SCARED of this guy! He’s just an actor, people – give him your respect, not fear and hatred! I feel bad for David.

The Walking Dead Season 4Anyways, what was this episode trying to show us? That the Gov’s s got some of his humanity back? That he’s a changed man? He’s had X-amount of time alone, abandoned by his henchmen (it’s about time they turned their back on him, too!) and that he’s basically given up on life, grows old-grandpa beard and uses his awesome skills to dodge zombies left and right..or one at a time…that was funny..I liked that part! Zombie —12 o’clock! Quick!…Dodge!..Fake to the left!…ZOMBIE DOWN!!!! Ooh, the Gov’s got skilllzzzzz…Haha…

So now he has a second chance to start over with a small group of survivors – some feat…a dying man, 2 small women and a little girl. He puts his past behind him with a fresh new name and a big fat lie in his back pocket…it’ll be wonderful when this group finds out the truth of Brian Heriot next week.

American Horror Story has been doing the same thing for three seasons with Jessica Lang’s characters. She’s the Queen of Terror for most of the season(s) and then at some point, the story shifts and we have to feel bad for this person who has done terrible things? Hmm…is there no justice for the wicked? Despite his popularity and existence in the comics, I just don’t see the point in the Governor coming back. Come on, how is it that Andrea, Rick, Michonne and the rest of the Woodbury clan couldn’t take this ONE man down?? They could have given him a great ending/death!

I admit, it was quite refreshing seeing new survivors (as I’ve been growing quite bored of the prison-life and the gang’s pathetic attempt to survive this virus and cutting Carol loose….BLASPHEMY).  Nonetheless, it’ll be interesting to watch this “great” man overcome his “fall from grace”.  Has he really changed? Is he going to try to get back to the top as soon as he can? That’s why they did that whole bit with the chess game, right? (yeah, like in Lost with Othello….BULL SH*T!!…I still hate you, Lost…)

TV knows everyone is a sucker for the rehabilitated – we LOVE to watch people who are at the top fall. Not me. I prefer consistency and progression in a story. Sometimes it doesn’t really matter if they make it out from under the bottom…and if they do, can we wait another few seasons for their comeback to truly be EPIC? Didn’t Michonne lose the Governor’s trail a while ago?? Come on, TWD…let’s move on, let’s get some freakin’ answers already!!

What I learned from this episode: The Gov is still a bad-ass and his parenting skills are top notch. He’ll teach you to play chess and kill zombies with his bare hands for you! Thanks, New-Dad! Also, zombies must not be THAT unsettling considering some people can sleep soundly through the night, vulnerable in a parked truck while SOME OTHER INCONSIDERATE PEOPLE make out RIGHT NEXT TO those sleepy heads…get another truck, you two! Ain’t nobody got time for that…’cept The Gov’na! Bow-chika-wow-wow!

Super Fun Night IS Super FunnnnNY!


Review: Super Fun Night premiered Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013 on ABC stars Rebel Wilson. You know her from Bridesmaids as Kristin Wiig’s roommate. She was also in Bachelorette (an underrated movie, if you ask me…i thought it was funnier than Bridesmaids) and Pitch Perfect. She’s fat and she’s a blonde and she’s awesome. Let’s talk about the show!

The opening scene is great; We’re introduced to Fat Amy, I mean, Kimmie Boubier. The scene starts with Kimmie recording her first video blog, which is based on her diary Ha Ha! 

We get hilarious flashbacks of Kimmie’s youth. VERY funny and I hope they keep this up because I like young Kimmie. She’s unfortunate. It’s OK tho, because today, Kimmie is really happy, things are going good, she’s got a promotion, a little crush, she’s very silly and most times borderline embarrassing – but she always plays it cool! I really like Kimmie’s personality, i think we may share similar characteristics!

It’s nice to see a show with some new faces – Kimmie’s got two best friends [with whom she is going on the super fun night out with.] Let me describe them to you. You got Marika – she’s gotta be Marla’s daughter (from A League of Their Own I’m singin’ to Nelson!”). She seems brutally honest in the ways of Melissa McCarthy (see Bridesmaids, Identity Thief, and The Heat). She sounds a lot like Emma Stone and can carry that sassy, intellectual attitude aswell. She’s a hard ass, I like her, I’d be friends with her. Then we got Helen-Alice, a nice, smart, innocent asian. She’s a dork. She wears glasses and has a ponytail!

The show is about the winners and the losers and how those losers are gonna try to be winners! The characters themselves are funny, and the writing holds some very memorable one-liners! There seemed to be some recycled jokes, but whatever. That just means the writers know what’s funny. I will never get enough fat jokes, though, so keep those coming!! Seconds, please! I’m confident this show will find itself a unique style of its own – and it doesn’t have very far to go.
The show ain’t over till the fat lady sings….and this episode, she’s singin’ her heart out! I am very excited to tune in to future episodes. I’m very relieved to have this show keep me interested, along with many other new comedies [that premiered this Fall]. There’s hope for primetime tv again!

Other thoughts:
• The theme song is really fun PLUS it’s good and SHORT. Take the hint, other shows with ridiculously long theme songs!! I WANNA WATCH THE SHOW! 
• Sometimes I think Rebel Wilson is like the female Jonah Hill…
• I Really like the cheesy jokes, more please!

LiveLoveDVR, Indeed!

Wow…anyone else feel like there are too many shows on TV to watch right now? Duh, of course you do! We got a wrap ups and finales and a whole buttload of new shows + season premieres to weigh down deeper into the cushions of our couches! Where to begin, oh, where to begin?!

Just a few short weeks ago I was hanging on to Netflix, Hulu+ and Reruns to keep me going, and believe you me, it was tough! Once I completed The L Word i moved onto random episodes of, dare I say it, Xena: Warrior Princess (the first TV show i probably ever got hooked on that wasn’t a cartoon or on Nickelodeon) and thankfully, Orange Is The New Black. I sadly couldn’t keep up with my sister as she completed Freaks & Geeks. Instead, I kept myself entertained with the shows that have returned to Prime Time TV that we’ve all been waiting for!

Breaking Bad returned for its final season and oh, boy, was it a good one. Now, Breaking Bad was never my favorite. How can I relate? I’m not into meth. In fact, i was quite late getting in on this show, so when i did watch it, i was bingeing. So’s not to spoil it for anyone still catching up, let me just say, I can’t beleive how i wanted the “bad guy” to prevail…i’ve always rooted for Walt. I don’t know why exactly except that I just never forgot why he started cooking in the first place. Sure, greed and power can change a man, but deep in his heart I know Walter did everything to keep his family safe and provided for. What a crazy rush! I also thought the finale was pretty perfect. I do wonder for how long Walt was sitting in that car… those cops didn’t notice the footprints in the snow leading to the car? hmm… #BadAtYourJob jk – in all seriousness, if you haven’t seen this show, for the sake of Bryan Cranston, let him blow your mind – you shouldn’t only know him as Hal from Malcolm In The Middle (which he was INCREDIBLE in – for me, when I watched Malcolm In The Middle, it was always about the parents!) and for Aaron Paul – get ready to see what bad luck & feeling like sh*t looks like. Thank you, AMC, this was an amazing show. A++

By the way, Aaron Paul guests on Mythbusters’ Breaking Bad episode which was really fun and he also makes an appearance on Saturday Night Live (Tina Fey hosts and just for that i decided to check out SNL and their new cast members).

Modern Family is back, and we get 2 episodes in a row! It’s no wonder this show keeps winning awards. They know just how to tug at your heart and make you laugh. Speaking of 2 episodes in a row, How I Met Your Mother premiered [2 in a row] for their 9th and final season. Speaking of How I Met Your Mother, Robin Scherbatsky makes a surprising appearance in the premier of ABC’s S.H.I.E.L.D. and I’ll be happy to see if Cobie Smulders lands a permanent role on this show. I liked Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I just love how Clark Glenn knows how to keep a positive attitude in the workplace – i think he makes a great boss! No offense, Zooey Deschenel, but New Girl won’t be returning to my line-up, instead it’s full steam ahead for The Mindy Project! Mindy Kaling is smart and witty, she’s making all us working girls proud. It was really fun to see James Franco in the first 2 episodes this season, especially after his friends ripped him a new one on his Roast of… special, which was hilarious – though i thought aside from Franco’s pathetic rebuttal, Andy Samberg’s roast left something to be desired…[insert segway here]…Brooklyn Nine-Nine features some familiar faces – Andrew Braugher, Terry Crews, Joe Lo Truglio, and one of my personal favorites – CHELSEA PERETTI!

I just love comedy and I’m so very happy to announce that thus far, this season’s premier of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is now my favorite episode! The Gang Broke Dee had me laughing the entire time. Sometimes I wonder why Kaitlin Olson hasn’t won for best female in a comedy.

What else? Well, the wait is finally over and the laughing can commence – South Park is back! FINALLY, right?! The first episode of the season does not disappoint – somehow, Trey Parker and Matt Stone combine the frustrations of common courtesy, privacy, social networking, Alec Baldwin, and the always pleasant DMV. Can’t wait to see what’s to come.

Parks & Recreation retruns! Throw the confetti because we get a wedding…a brief wedding, but a wedding none the less! I’ve been hearing different things about certain cast members saying goodbye and that the ratings have been underwhelming, but i don’t know…Parks & Rec is an amazing show and Amy Poehler is so fun! We just lost The Office, I just stopped crying…please stay with us! And where is Community??! Well, not sure if you’ve heard, they are currently playing the series on Comedy Central so that’s good. You know what’s not so good? Happy Endings is not returning to Television… HIGHLY DISAPPOINTING! Was it ratings? It couldn’t have been lack of interest, right? That show was HIGH-larious with a  fantastic cast… very, VERY disappointed.

What DOES make me happy is GOOD TV! I also tuned into the premier of the Animation Domination on FOX.  I have to sit through Football first, but that’s OK, i’m getting into sports. The season premier of The Simpsons was forgettable for me…in fact, i kind of tuned it out because it was a play on Homeland (a show I don’t watch). Family Guy was fun – sometimes I wonder if because this show came back and Seth MacFarlane owns FOX now,  will it EVER end? Ooh, that sounds harsh – i’m not saying i want Family Guy off the air, cuz i’m not, I still think its VERY funny. I just wonder how many projects this guy needs to be mediocre at … The Cleveland Show? American Dad? and now Dads? Guh…at least Seth Green is doing a good job with Robot Chicken. Do you know what my favorite cartoon show is – Bob’s Burgers! I can’t get enough of the Belchers – their design, their voices, the ridiculous situations they get in, etc,. Please tune in to this show – it’s clever, and the camaraderie between the kids is so fun – of all the families on TV, i’ve never seen siblings collaborate so devilishly funny than Louise, Gene and Tina!

Other mentions:
• We tuned in for the premier of Revolution and I gotta say I’m really glad someone cut Miles’ hair. In all seriousness, I think the show has taken a more interesting turn and I look forward to seeing where the story goes. Also, I tried out The Goldbergs aaand…i guess I’ll give it another shot? I think it has potential – i’m rooting for it to succeed, but we’ll see, I think it supposed to be funny. I also watching Hello Ladies on HBO – this is fantastic, you NEED to watch this show if you like Steven Merchant and if you don’t like Steven Merchant. yes, you read that right. And go check out DEREK as well – possibly Ricky Gervais’ best performance ever. And premiering 10/2/09 Super Fun Night with Rebel Wilson. Oh my gosh, hilarious! You have to watch! [Full Review to come…]
• The Amazing World of Gumball is still amazing! Watch this show – it’s Cartoon Networks best kept secret from adults!!
• I do plan on watching The Voice (.. maybe this season will be fair and someone different and unique will win…), The Michael J. Fox Show, Master Chef: Juniors
• Very much looking forward to the premier of The Walking Dead and AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN

My sincerest condolences to the fans of the shows that have now reached their conclusions. It’s always hard saying goodbye….Stay strong people – there’s A LOT of TV to watch (and theres more to come), so, set your DVRs and visit back for more rants, raves, and reviews for all the shows we’re watching (our TV-Line Up Chart to keep you up-to-date).

Attention Fellow Couch Potatoes:

Is there a show you think we should give a try? We’d like your help in making our website fan-oriented and a lot more interactive, so let us know what you thought about these programs. Do you think we’re missing something you think is worth watching? Let us know, maybe we’ll give it a try!
Feel free to leave a  comment below 🙂

Ok, TV, Summer’s over.

Time to get back to entertaining!

September is here and gone, isn’t it fantastic?! Personally, I’m looking forward to the Fall because I didn’t really get to enjoy the summer.  I missed out on the sunshine, bike riding, the beach, attempting to tan at the beach, the nights along the boardwalk…at least I got to enjoy those last days of the END of summer and anticipate all things that bring out the joy of autumn!

Fall is here and with it comes the beauty of the changing color foliage, the refreshing crisp, cool air and of course the return of Prime Time Television! I am SO ready to get back to my nightly TV rituals! Do you know how much garbage there is on TV during the day…guh…

Thanks go to Redbox and my XBox (not for the games, for the streaming – can’t go without Netflix, HBOGo, Hulu+) for keeping me entertained. If it hadn’t been for streaming, i would have thrown my cable box into a fire! There is NOTHING to watch during the day that doesn’t piss me off (except certain channels , The US Open and Cooking shows). i can’t and don’t ever watch or know the number of reality TV shows that are plaguing the airwaves!

I spent a lot of time on my big, comfy couch and watched lots of cool shows. I’ll start with the best show I watched this summer, and that’s Netflix’s original series – Orange Is The New Black.


For those of you who haven’t seen this show or are undecided if you should be tuning in, be aware you’d be missing out on some GREAT tv! What’s so special about this show? Firstly, its based on a true story and secondly its first season held up to everything that makes a series a good one! Not a single episode had me feeling bored or a waste of time on any storyline. The cast is great, the characters are all unique and have interesting and heartbreaking backstories. The pace of the show doesn’t stop, each episodes ends with me needing to watch the next episode immediately becasue I NEED to know what happens next. There’s the fears, there’s the struggles, there’s the loved ones on the outside, and there’s the enemies on the inside…do i call this show a dramedy? It’s a drama that makes me laugh, so sure. I just hope everyone can get over the fact that Jason Biggs is in this. I think he’s great, what did he ever do to you? And isn’t it nice seeing Donna from That 70s Show again? I think this character is perfect for her.  Jenji Kohen (Weeds) did an excellent job bringing this story to life, and kudos to Netflix for owning this one – can’t wait for Season 2!

What else?
The L Word – During July & August I enjoyed 5 seasons of pretty good TV (except the theme song) and the final 6th season i was like “WTF?!” and “That’s it??” I found out MOST fans of the series shared my thoughts. Because this show ended in ’09 i’m not gonna rant about it, i’ll just say, “F*** You, Jenny Schecter! F*** You!”…you can message me if you wanna talk about it, i have LOTS to complain about this amazing show’s craptastic ending.
Freaks & Geeks – why can’t i just finish this ONE season show? I’ve seen the first 3 episodes at least 2x and now that I have my sister watching it, i’ll get through it in no time.
Sherlock A modern take on Sherlock Holmes, this is a big show in that theres british accents and lots of mystery! Also, each episode is an hour and half long so cancel your evening plans cuz this one will keep you busy!
• Arrested Development WELCOME BACK and THANK YOU Netflix for giving this gem of a show a new place to call home! Though the first half of the season was a mixed bag of crazy, it was so great to see The Bluthes back together again! Kudos to Ron Howard, and I LOVE that Kristen Wiig and Seth Rogen were brought in to play a younger Lucille and George Michael Sr.!
I think the 2nd half of the season is when all the pieces started to really come together (specifically, the Tobias episode). It felt so good to laugh at them again 🙂 I still think Arrested Development was the best written comedy in TV ever (Sorry, Modern Family, i don’t care how many Oscars you get).

Quick Reviews > Epic

Epic – What a fantastic movie. The theme of this story is no different than its comparable 90s animated forest-survival-flick “Fern Gully:The Last Rainforest.” Now, i grew up watching Fern Gully and i must say, yes the theme is very similar but the storyline is a bit different and the animation itself is something you need to see to believe. Talk about perfection – all the expressions and the detail, the design…it was all so flawless! This movie had a pretty big cast too – Amanda Seyfriend (remember her from Mean Girls? She also starred in Les Miserables, Mamma Mia!, Dear John.), Josh Hutcherson (Hunger Games, Bridge to Terabithia, The Kids Are Alright), Colin Farrell, Beyonce Knowles, Christoph Waltz (Django Unchained, Inglorious Bastards, Water for Elephants) , Aziz Ansari, Pitbull, Steven Tyler (of Aerosmith), Jason Sudeikis, Chris O’Dowd (Bridesmaids, GIRLS)…

epic cast

For me, I’m always excited when a story has a female protagonist. While there were male characters with a story to be told, I was interested in MK’s journey most. My imagination wants to follow the woman’s perspective I suppose and to picture my animated self in her shoes.

I’m always trying to see animated films in theaters as I feel they are deserving a big screen movie watching experience. What else has Blue Sky produced? Ice Age: Continental Drift, , Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Horton Hears A Who! All 4 of these movies were highly entertaining and beautifully made. I think Blue Sky has outdone themselves with this movie, really. I believe this is THEIR epic film and for me it surpassed many films from other animation studios – here’s a short list of recent animated films I think weren’t as impressive as Epic.

Disney Pixar’s Brave though beautifully made, i felt the story didn’t really stand above any other movie with a struggle between parent and child and we already saw enough bear possession in Disney’s Brother Bear…and next we’ll have Monster’s University..I have mixed feelings about a sequel/prequel to Monster’s Inc  and i don’t think the story needed to be touched again…work on something new and fresh, not Finding Dory!…but i’ll probably love em both…we’ll have to wait and see..

Walt Disney Animated Studios – Wreck-It Ralph  was a beautifully made film, but a let down in the end I thought…i wouldn’t rush out to buy it and add it to my collection. In fact, aside from Tangled (which is one of my all-time favorite Disney movies), The Princess & The Frog and Bolt were also somewhat disappointing movies. The style of Disney is my favorite but their movies haven’t really captivated me since 1994’s The Lion King…

What about  Sony Pictures Animation? – Well, I have yet to see Hotel Transylvania, and i refuse to watch The Smurfs. Not only do i dislike the character design, but i feel The Smurfs is a boring, old-fashioned cartoon show that isn’t deserving of being featured on the silver screen. I’m sorry, i know that’s harsh, but i think it’s really stupid to bring back The Smurfs. In fact, who thought “Oh yeah, let’s make a Smurfs movie, people LOVE The Smurfs!” They’re not relevant at all…Watch, they’ll do a live-action Snorks next…well, after Smurfs 2 they’ll start writing a script). BUT, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs was a fantastic film – the design was so different and the movie was just so fun!

Meanwhile, these films (below) by some of those same studios has really impressed me:

Disney Pixar’s most recent films in particular > Toy Story 3 (and 2 and 1), Up, Wall-E was very good, and Ratatouille – one of my absolute favorites, was so fantastic but underrated, i think…

Dreamworks – The Croods was good, i didn’t hate Nike Cage in this one, and Kung Fu Panda 2 – i could watch this movie everyday, it’s so damn entertaining.

I think I would have rather seen Epic in 2D over the 3D version. I find my eyes can’t seem to focus on the picture right and my eyebrows begin to sweat a bit. Also, the colors are not as vibrant and I want to see a big animated picture like this with the most contrast possible.

Epic had me laughing quite a bit, and I even cried a tear or two! I was sucked into the adventure pretty quickly thanks to excellent writing, acting, design and storyline. Who doesn’t want to move faster than humanly possible, defy gravity without injury…I wish I could ride a hummingbird! I can’t wait to see it again!

Get Deep Inside Amy Schumer..and then some!

That’s right, she said it and you heard it! And you’re gonna keep hearing it because Amy Schumer ain’t got nothin’ to hide!
What does it mean to “crack the f*** up?”
I think it means you’ve been so highly entertained that for a few moments your brain glitches – it tries to process the awesome and clever situation you’ve just witnessed and in response you begin to laugh uncontrollably – sometimes to the point of urination!. You’ve just cracked the f*** up! Then you release a sigh so full of the tension and stress you’ve been holding onto prior to said’s almost addictive. I love comedy, I love to laugh and Amy Schumer is givin’ it to me every Tuesday Night [on Comedy Central] just the way I like it!
The first time I heard of Amy Schumer was on Last Comic Standing…which, by the way – what happened to that show?? I was working 2 jobs at the time, wasn’t as HUGE of a fan of TV so I missed out on that one, but I DID remember her name!
Then she started appearing on the show The Roast of [insert name here]…and she always made me laugh.
amyschumer003I’ve also seen her in a few specials on Comedy Central. Her presentation is so different from other comics, I feel. She has this way about her when she tells her jokes, they often lead into another so seemlessly that I can’t believe my ears and once again I’m laughing my ass off! She’s smart and witty and even though I feel like I can’t believe the stories she’s telling happened, I am certain she’s being genuine!
I’ve waited a few episodes to post my thoughts on Inside Amy Schumer (which premiered April 30, 2013) and I can say without a doubt, this is a show you should be watching!
I feel like comedy has come a really long way and that what entertains me is dependent on clever, silly, and honest writing. The new wave of young comics is really paving the road for some of the best laughs I’ve ever had. And “we want more, we want more” *Comedy is like my best friend :)*
Anyway – I’m so happy that Amy Schumer got her own show – her jokes are well written yet out of the blue, the format of her show is a mix of stand up and sketch comedy (which at times correlate), she also does these random public questionariesand to keep the show interesting, she also has sit down interviews. These segments are filmed in a very laid-back style with ordinary people – some with generic jobs and others who may have a unique quality that Amy inquires about.
There are so many comics out there that are very fortunate to have graced the TV screen (Flight of the Conchords, Sara Silverman, Whitney Cummings — yes, i know, her show on NBC was terrible but i have seen her standup on TV and LIVE at the Comedy Cellar in NY and she is pretty funny) and Amy Schumer is no less deserving of her own weekly television show!
So, I hope you can stay up late to watch Inside Amy Schumer  I promise you, you’ll be laughing at her jokes like it’s nobody’s business! I had NO idea this show was in the works and I’m confident it’ll be sticking around for quite some time. … but then again, this is Comedy Central so ya never know…
But wait! There’s more!…
I hope you’re not too tired of laughing yet, people! Let’s fill that hole The Office left in our hearts with the Bluths! Arrested Development is coming back in just a few days and I am going to be tuning in to Netflix on Thursday nights to watch ONE episode per week and, you know it, Blog ALL about it 🙂 Won’t you join me?