Under the Dome It’s Gonna Be a Long Hot Summer

under the dome

Seriously. How can people breathe under that thing? If you didn’t watch last night’s much anticipated premiere of Stephen King’s Under the Dome, there is one thing you need to do today. Find it and watch it. The pilot of this 13 episode series was enough to make me change the DVR settings to a series record and give me something to watch in my Monday 10 pm time slot. Before getting to the story itself, a few disclaimers if you will.

I have read the book. I loved the book. I am not going to say any more than that except for there are already major differences. Normally, that’s not ok for me. When you have a beautifully written piece of fiction like Under the Dome, it’s hard to get it just right for TV. When they tried it with The Stand back in the early 90’s it didn’t work. Forget that the CGI technology was no where near what it is now, but the casting was off and the chunks of story changed ruined my favorite novel of all time. Dome, however, will benefit from the changes made because they were approved and done by the master himself.

Knowing that Stephen King was along the ride every step of the way allowed me to remove that “I’ve read the book” veil, and just concentrate on watching a good and intriguing television show. The casting (so far) is spot on. Dean Norris couldn’t have been more perfect for Big Jim. His way of being charismatic and good with the people but the second someone tells him what he doesn’t want to hear, any trace of the previous persona is gone and he is manipulating you every which way possible to get the results HE wants.

It’s going to be a long, hot summer under that dome, and if they go down the dark, twisted roads ahead that I think they will, viewers of this series are definitely in for a treat.

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