So Much TV, So Little Time

TV has been pretty great this season, don’t you agree? Though I’ve been quite behind on pretty much every single program i’ve promised to tune into (and write about…thanks a lot, life, for throwing me curves balls made of stress and uncertainty…life’s changing and my plate is QUITE full), I’m slowly gettin’ caught up and boy do i have a lot to say – and since i’m limited on time, i’ll only blog about one – American Horror Story: Coven

American Horror Story I love you and all I want is you. Day and night. And more Lily Rabe. A lot more Lily Rabe! Friday night, not my usual AHS night, i caught up with episode 6, The Axeman Cometh where Zoe, Queenie, and Nan play Nancy Drew – and why not? All classes get cancelled if teacher doesn’t show up after 45 minutes, right? Yeah, well, teacher never shows up for class so….SCHOOLS OUT! Best school ever? Minus the impending voodoo / coven war these poor kids have gotten themselves inherited into! I could go on all day about how poorly this instution is treating their students.

So let’s talk about their ONLY supervisor, Cordelia. Delia’s got LOTS of problems and honestly, I think i feel most sorry for her. She’s a really nice lady and so much has gone wrong for her! She can’t get preggers, she’s got a terrible relationship with her mother, aaand she’s f***ing blind now….she’s got the touch tho – Cordelia’s visions reveal truths (and possibly terrible headaches or something, I can’t stand her scream…).Witch can’t catch a break!

Fiona’s too busy to truly care about anything/anyone but herself (as usual…), only this time she’s going through chemo and develops telepathy which is a pretty cool side effect. Meanwhile, Voo-Doo Queen Laveau is on the warpath, which is where we come to learn that Hank is a witch hunter, working for team VooDoo. LOTS revealed…

Misty Day’s keeping busy growing witches back to life and really tries to do what she can to preserve life around her – she’s by far my favorite witch. My hope and prediction is that she’ll be the next supreme. It might also be because I think Lily Rabe looks so hot this season…her hair looks AMA-ZA-ZING!


Things i learned from this episode: since its birth, Jazz is a genre of music no one likes. Get over it, Axeman. VooDoo is a waste if your victim is tied down…why was it so fun for Queenie to burn Spalding when Zoe JUST did it…that wasn’t impressive,, go run a lap or 12. And what is going to be in store for Kyle? I’m almost feeling like he’s got no real use in this story, but, AHS often twists the story in unexpected ways. And where was LaLaurie?? I guess we’ll have to wait for next week!!

More to blog about soon, but here are some quick thoughts:

  •  It’s Always Sunny is having the best season ever
  •  Revolution has actually been keeping my interest despite my continued hatred for Juliet..I, I mean Rachel
  •  Super Fun Night hasn’t been THAT fun, let’s be honest.
  •  The Walking Dead is killing slow can this season go?? And can the Govenor just GO AWAY already? He’s so last season…Bring back Carol, leave the prison and go find some answers already!!!
  • Hello Ladies so deliciously uncomfortable – wanna learn why men suck? Watch this show!
  • How I Met Your Mother really wants to piss us all off…how many episodes do we have to drag out till Ted meets the Mother????? So everyone’s gonna meet her first? Shut up.
  • The Mindy Project is slowly becoming New Girl’s ugly sister. The format, the story line, the characters..i’m getting bored…
  • I completely forgot about The Michael J. Fox Show, Trophy Wife and The Goldbergs woops!
  • Master Chef: Junior was awesome and I look forward to Master Chefs vs. Junior Master Chefs
  • Parks & Rec  where have you beeeeenn and…please don’t go away!! I’ve been hearing bad things about ratings…don’t screw this up, NBC!!!
  • I’m still watching SHIELD, Modern Family, Bob’s Burgers and South Park and I hope you are toothese programs have still kept me entertained!

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  1. While I think it would be a great twist for Misty to be supreme I think it’s the more obvious Zoe.


    • [Jen] I’m afraid you might be right Corey! But I agree with Natalie too, I definitely think Misty would be a fantastic supreme! I have a feeling SHE will end up being the savior of the Coven against the Voodoo Queen!


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