Quick Reviews and Stuff

Quick Reviews

  • If you like violence, deception, sex, medieval costumes, the effects of poor hygiene and foreign accents, I HIGHLY recommend The History Channel’s new show – Vikings (which premiered 3/2/2013). It’s an incredibly intriguing show and honestly, I decided to tune in just to hold me over until the new season of Game of Thrones started. Well, I got sucked in RIGHT away! Absolutely loved the opening sequence and theme song, very haunting. Now, I don’t know much about the history of the Vikings, except that they don’t quit till the fat lady sings, but if this story holds true, well, i’m glad I wasn’t around during that time period! Holy crap, you don’t fuck with the Vikings! They’re very big and angry and have a ridiculous sense of entitlement with no regard of human life…they take what they want and they’ll die for their gods with honor. (For a quick synopsis on each episode, visit The Official Website here.)

  • “What’s the point of living with your parents if you can’t use them for unpaid help?”  True that. How To Live With Your Parents (For The Rest Of Your Life) – I think that’s my biggest fear in the whole wide world, actually…that’s what i want the most to NEVER happen to me…and for one week I was homeless!…that was the worst, but i could learn to sleep in my car if need be. ANYWAYS…the show is cute – moves fairly quickly, and reminds me very much of Arrested Development – has a narration, the white text w/arrows that pop up every now and again, has flashbacks and many characters that are easily likeable. It also has a happy-go-lucky whisteling/ukulele score in the background and they even made a “Therapist/The Rapist“ joke in the first episode!…..another thing, Polly (Sarah Chalke – Scrubs, Rosanne) even recollects being an activist, much like Lindsay Bluth Funke. Despite being unimpressed by the format, i can’t fault the show for doing what has succeeded in the past…it did make me LoL SO I have given this show my 3 Episode Promise and I think i will continue to tune in. Plus, the kid’s name is ‘Natalie’…”that’s my name…that’s my name.”

  • Bates Motel is a creepy show. So much happens in the first episode. Starting right away with the death (or murder?) of Mr. Bates… Norma Bates, the mother is a suspicious character right from the get-go and she’s got a tight chain of guilt around Norman’s neck. Poor Noman, well all he’s got is his mother, seems like he has quite an affinity for her despite her great parenting skills. Norman’s creepy too, good casting job. Now i’ve never seen Psycho, but i was recommended from my friend Jen that i should stick to the series and then watch the flick. There is so much that goes on in the premiere, and now I’m  appeased to catch up to the latest episode….so many questions! 

Looking Forward To…


Finally coming back and broadcasting through Netlix, and if they’re smart they’ll keep it up and demand taking The Office to 10 seasons!!. Premiering May 26, 2013 – a day to mark in Entertainment History, that THE BEST SHOW IN COMEDY is coming back to me, to all of us as it was so wrongly cancelled in 2006. I didn’t watch Arrested Development when it was on FOX but so many people i knew highly recommended it so I bought the DVDs and found out what smart and funny writing really was. Arrested Development was the best show, had an incredible cast too!


I didn’t know there was going to be a SERIES to probably my favorite Zombie movie ever! (or is it Shawn of The Dead? I don’t know.) Hopefully this web-based series (thanks to amazon.com for producing this) will be as enertaining as the movie was. 


  • DEEP SOUTH PARANORMAL (on SyFy) yeah, i’ll probably watch it just to see some footage, but it seems like they’re trying to find people to ridicule and i’m not down for that, and therefore won’t tune in to such nonsense. But I do believe in ghosts!!

  • FRIENDS is coming back to TV, I hear….don’t they have enough money already? How about NBC lets The Office have 10 Seasons instead!?

  • SOUTH PARK where are you and when are you coming back?? I need to laugh!! southpark.com says Season 17 (which will only have 10 episodes) will be premiering Wednesday, September 25th, 2013….SEPTEMBER!!??

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