Ok, TV, Summer’s over.

Time to get back to entertaining!

September is here and gone, isn’t it fantastic?! Personally, I’m looking forward to the Fall because I didn’t really get to enjoy the summer.  I missed out on the sunshine, bike riding, the beach, attempting to tan at the beach, the nights along the boardwalk…at least I got to enjoy those last days of the END of summer and anticipate all things that bring out the joy of autumn!

Fall is here and with it comes the beauty of the changing color foliage, the refreshing crisp, cool air and of course the return of Prime Time Television! I am SO ready to get back to my nightly TV rituals! Do you know how much garbage there is on TV during the day…guh…

Thanks go to Redbox and my XBox (not for the games, for the streaming – can’t go without Netflix, HBOGo, Hulu+) for keeping me entertained. If it hadn’t been for streaming, i would have thrown my cable box into a fire! There is NOTHING to watch during the day that doesn’t piss me off (except certain channels , The US Open and Cooking shows). i can’t and don’t ever watch or know the number of reality TV shows that are plaguing the airwaves!

I spent a lot of time on my big, comfy couch and watched lots of cool shows. I’ll start with the best show I watched this summer, and that’s Netflix’s original series – Orange Is The New Black.


For those of you who haven’t seen this show or are undecided if you should be tuning in, be aware you’d be missing out on some GREAT tv! What’s so special about this show? Firstly, its based on a true story and secondly its first season held up to everything that makes a series a good one! Not a single episode had me feeling bored or a waste of time on any storyline. The cast is great, the characters are all unique and have interesting and heartbreaking backstories. The pace of the show doesn’t stop, each episodes ends with me needing to watch the next episode immediately becasue I NEED to know what happens next. There’s the fears, there’s the struggles, there’s the loved ones on the outside, and there’s the enemies on the inside…do i call this show a dramedy? It’s a drama that makes me laugh, so sure. I just hope everyone can get over the fact that Jason Biggs is in this. I think he’s great, what did he ever do to you? And isn’t it nice seeing Donna from That 70s Show again? I think this character is perfect for her.  Jenji Kohen (Weeds) did an excellent job bringing this story to life, and kudos to Netflix for owning this one – can’t wait for Season 2!

What else?
The L Word – During July & August I enjoyed 5 seasons of pretty good TV (except the theme song) and the final 6th season i was like “WTF?!” and “That’s it??” I found out MOST fans of the series shared my thoughts. Because this show ended in ’09 i’m not gonna rant about it, i’ll just say, “F*** You, Jenny Schecter! F*** You!”…you can message me if you wanna talk about it, i have LOTS to complain about this amazing show’s craptastic ending.
Freaks & Geeks – why can’t i just finish this ONE season show? I’ve seen the first 3 episodes at least 2x and now that I have my sister watching it, i’ll get through it in no time.
Sherlock A modern take on Sherlock Holmes, this is a big show in that theres british accents and lots of mystery! Also, each episode is an hour and half long so cancel your evening plans cuz this one will keep you busy!
• Arrested Development WELCOME BACK and THANK YOU Netflix for giving this gem of a show a new place to call home! Though the first half of the season was a mixed bag of crazy, it was so great to see The Bluthes back together again! Kudos to Ron Howard, and I LOVE that Kristen Wiig and Seth Rogen were brought in to play a younger Lucille and George Michael Sr.!
I think the 2nd half of the season is when all the pieces started to really come together (specifically, the Tobias episode). It felt so good to laugh at them again 🙂 I still think Arrested Development was the best written comedy in TV ever (Sorry, Modern Family, i don’t care how many Oscars you get).

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