LiveLoveDVR, Indeed!

Wow…anyone else feel like there are too many shows on TV to watch right now? Duh, of course you do! We got a wrap ups and finales and a whole buttload of new shows + season premieres to weigh down deeper into the cushions of our couches! Where to begin, oh, where to begin?!

Just a few short weeks ago I was hanging on to Netflix, Hulu+ and Reruns to keep me going, and believe you me, it was tough! Once I completed The L Word i moved onto random episodes of, dare I say it, Xena: Warrior Princess (the first TV show i probably ever got hooked on that wasn’t a cartoon or on Nickelodeon) and thankfully, Orange Is The New Black. I sadly couldn’t keep up with my sister as she completed Freaks & Geeks. Instead, I kept myself entertained with the shows that have returned to Prime Time TV that we’ve all been waiting for!

Breaking Bad returned for its final season and oh, boy, was it a good one. Now, Breaking Bad was never my favorite. How can I relate? I’m not into meth. In fact, i was quite late getting in on this show, so when i did watch it, i was bingeing. So’s not to spoil it for anyone still catching up, let me just say, I can’t beleive how i wanted the “bad guy” to prevail…i’ve always rooted for Walt. I don’t know why exactly except that I just never forgot why he started cooking in the first place. Sure, greed and power can change a man, but deep in his heart I know Walter did everything to keep his family safe and provided for. What a crazy rush! I also thought the finale was pretty perfect. I do wonder for how long Walt was sitting in that car… those cops didn’t notice the footprints in the snow leading to the car? hmm… #BadAtYourJob jk – in all seriousness, if you haven’t seen this show, for the sake of Bryan Cranston, let him blow your mind – you shouldn’t only know him as Hal from Malcolm In The Middle (which he was INCREDIBLE in – for me, when I watched Malcolm In The Middle, it was always about the parents!) and for Aaron Paul – get ready to see what bad luck & feeling like sh*t looks like. Thank you, AMC, this was an amazing show. A++

By the way, Aaron Paul guests on Mythbusters’ Breaking Bad episode which was really fun and he also makes an appearance on Saturday Night Live (Tina Fey hosts and just for that i decided to check out SNL and their new cast members).

Modern Family is back, and we get 2 episodes in a row! It’s no wonder this show keeps winning awards. They know just how to tug at your heart and make you laugh. Speaking of 2 episodes in a row, How I Met Your Mother premiered [2 in a row] for their 9th and final season. Speaking of How I Met Your Mother, Robin Scherbatsky makes a surprising appearance in the premier of ABC’s S.H.I.E.L.D. and I’ll be happy to see if Cobie Smulders lands a permanent role on this show. I liked Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I just love how Clark Glenn knows how to keep a positive attitude in the workplace – i think he makes a great boss! No offense, Zooey Deschenel, but New Girl won’t be returning to my line-up, instead it’s full steam ahead for The Mindy Project! Mindy Kaling is smart and witty, she’s making all us working girls proud. It was really fun to see James Franco in the first 2 episodes this season, especially after his friends ripped him a new one on his Roast of… special, which was hilarious – though i thought aside from Franco’s pathetic rebuttal, Andy Samberg’s roast left something to be desired…[insert segway here]…Brooklyn Nine-Nine features some familiar faces – Andrew Braugher, Terry Crews, Joe Lo Truglio, and one of my personal favorites – CHELSEA PERETTI!

I just love comedy and I’m so very happy to announce that thus far, this season’s premier of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is now my favorite episode! The Gang Broke Dee had me laughing the entire time. Sometimes I wonder why Kaitlin Olson hasn’t won for best female in a comedy.

What else? Well, the wait is finally over and the laughing can commence – South Park is back! FINALLY, right?! The first episode of the season does not disappoint – somehow, Trey Parker and Matt Stone combine the frustrations of common courtesy, privacy, social networking, Alec Baldwin, and the always pleasant DMV. Can’t wait to see what’s to come.

Parks & Recreation retruns! Throw the confetti because we get a wedding…a brief wedding, but a wedding none the less! I’ve been hearing different things about certain cast members saying goodbye and that the ratings have been underwhelming, but i don’t know…Parks & Rec is an amazing show and Amy Poehler is so fun! We just lost The Office, I just stopped crying…please stay with us! And where is Community??! Well, not sure if you’ve heard, they are currently playing the series on Comedy Central so that’s good. You know what’s not so good? Happy Endings is not returning to Television… HIGHLY DISAPPOINTING! Was it ratings? It couldn’t have been lack of interest, right? That show was HIGH-larious with a  fantastic cast… very, VERY disappointed.

What DOES make me happy is GOOD TV! I also tuned into the premier of the Animation Domination on FOX.  I have to sit through Football first, but that’s OK, i’m getting into sports. The season premier of The Simpsons was forgettable for me…in fact, i kind of tuned it out because it was a play on Homeland (a show I don’t watch). Family Guy was fun – sometimes I wonder if because this show came back and Seth MacFarlane owns FOX now,  will it EVER end? Ooh, that sounds harsh – i’m not saying i want Family Guy off the air, cuz i’m not, I still think its VERY funny. I just wonder how many projects this guy needs to be mediocre at … The Cleveland Show? American Dad? and now Dads? Guh…at least Seth Green is doing a good job with Robot Chicken. Do you know what my favorite cartoon show is – Bob’s Burgers! I can’t get enough of the Belchers – their design, their voices, the ridiculous situations they get in, etc,. Please tune in to this show – it’s clever, and the camaraderie between the kids is so fun – of all the families on TV, i’ve never seen siblings collaborate so devilishly funny than Louise, Gene and Tina!

Other mentions:
• We tuned in for the premier of Revolution and I gotta say I’m really glad someone cut Miles’ hair. In all seriousness, I think the show has taken a more interesting turn and I look forward to seeing where the story goes. Also, I tried out The Goldbergs aaand…i guess I’ll give it another shot? I think it has potential – i’m rooting for it to succeed, but we’ll see, I think it supposed to be funny. I also watching Hello Ladies on HBO – this is fantastic, you NEED to watch this show if you like Steven Merchant and if you don’t like Steven Merchant. yes, you read that right. And go check out DEREK as well – possibly Ricky Gervais’ best performance ever. And premiering 10/2/09 Super Fun Night with Rebel Wilson. Oh my gosh, hilarious! You have to watch! [Full Review to come…]
• The Amazing World of Gumball is still amazing! Watch this show – it’s Cartoon Networks best kept secret from adults!!
• I do plan on watching The Voice (.. maybe this season will be fair and someone different and unique will win…), The Michael J. Fox Show, Master Chef: Juniors
• Very much looking forward to the premier of The Walking Dead and AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN

My sincerest condolences to the fans of the shows that have now reached their conclusions. It’s always hard saying goodbye….Stay strong people – there’s A LOT of TV to watch (and theres more to come), so, set your DVRs and visit back for more rants, raves, and reviews for all the shows we’re watching (our TV-Line Up Chart to keep you up-to-date).

Attention Fellow Couch Potatoes:

Is there a show you think we should give a try? We’d like your help in making our website fan-oriented and a lot more interactive, so let us know what you thought about these programs. Do you think we’re missing something you think is worth watching? Let us know, maybe we’ll give it a try!
Feel free to leave a  comment below 🙂

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