Quick Reviews – Summer of Movies

Where have we BEEN all summer?! The reviews have been, well, non-existant, but i have to admit, i have watched SO MANY movies & shows this summer and have thought about writing pretty much every day… But why haven’t I written any!? You wanna call me a slacker? Sure, go ahead… but I have a REALLY good excuse! Long story short – I broke my arm and haven’t used the computer in 2 months! What a summer :/ ANYWAYS…

Movies of the Summer 2013  (and in no particular order)

After Earth – Will Smith & son, Jaden Smith star in this sci-fi survival movie because they don’t want to work with anyone else; it’s all about The Smiths. I didn’t hate it. The simple storyline and father-son partnership made me wonder why Shyamalan kept his name from the commercials…I guess he knew better considering so many of his movies are hated by, well, pretty much everyone I know (except the 6th Sense..and Signs..people are OK with Signs).

Elysium -What I like about this movie, as in District 9, is that the future isn’t depicted in a farfetched light. This movie was non-stop GO and  I thought Matt Damon did a great job. I also really liked Jodie Foster in this role.

Wolverine – Man it’s so good to see Hugh Jackman, period. He’s so hot, right? I really felt like this was the best representation of who Wolverine is, what he battles with internally, and honestly, the story and action was non-stop and fun. I look forward to the next one!

2 Guns – The chemistry between Denzel Washington & Mark Wahlberg is great though I thought the storyline was spread out a little too much. The love story was completely unnecessary and I think it was just put in there to give the movie sex appeal. Um, you got Mark Wahlberg AND Jason Marsden…just have them take off their shirts – what more do you need? Oh wait, this movie was probably more for dudes, not chicks. Even so, I will probably always prefer Wahlberg &  Marsden topless.

Kick-Ass 2 – This one was up there for me in the category of awesome. I deceided to do a Kick-Ass Movie Marathon with some friends. We watched the first one and then headed to the theatre for the sequel. What a FANTASTIC and EXCITING movie. Hit Girl is the bomb-diggity and if you thought she kicked-ass in the first, you best head to a theatre or local Redbox and check out her moves in the 2nd! Highly entertaining. A little exaggerated, but what else would you expect from such a franchise. Jim Carrey was an incredible bonus. I’m just a huge Jim Carrey fan and thought he maybe should have been in the movie a little more. A+

The Heat – Oh, how I laughed at this film. Pretty funny and pretty good. I honestly didn’t care for Sandra Bullock’s character…why wasn’t she more bold and stern towards Melissa’s? Anyways, the CAMeos were good and I think if you haven’t seen it, you should because you’ll probably piss your pants. Apparently, Hollywood finally sees the big girl as a big deal! Melissa McCarthy shines again, all dirty, make-upless and frizzy….but whatever works, right?

World’s End –  I wanted to see this movie because I loved Shawn of The Dead (one of my favorite Zombie films). Now, Hot Fuzz, Paul and Run Fatboy Run had its moments but never really struck me as memorable. I know I’ve offended many by saying World’s End was a terrible movie but I felt so violated, like i asked to be touched inappropriately so I would feel shame and regret for the hours I wasted…This was just another Pegg/Frost wreckless drinking reunion only the bumbling idiot was reversed. I could rant about WHY I hated the ending but instead I’ll just say I thought It made no sense, there was no real closure to the story. Wait for Redbox. And to all my friends – I SAID IT WAS FUNNY!! BACK OFF!!

• We Are The Millers – Let’s laugh at Jason Sedakis! I mean, that’s why he’s in the movie, right? Cuz he’s funny? Yeah, we’ll give him this one 😉 Of course he winds up presenting himself as the same character like in any other project, but whatever – that’s how it goes for these Kings of Movie Comedy. Look at Paul Rudd; he plays the nice guy in every movie, Vince Vaughn is the a-hole, and Ben Stiller is always the underdog…my sister and I have a saying “go with what you know!” and Sedakis is really good at being a white guy with good moral code. Let’s not forget about the rest of the cast – Jennifer Aniston was great and she looked AMAZING (as always), Emma Roberts was great, and even that kid that was her fake brother was great. Good job, go see it, you’ll laugh.

 This Is The End – BEST MOVIE OF THE SUMMER!! Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, James Franco and the gang collaborate in this fantastic depiction of the end of mankind – see what it’s really like to try and survive the end of the world with your closest friends. THIS movie will make you piss your pants and I promise you’ll want to see it again and again! I saw it 2x in the theaters and the jokes were just as funny.  Do i need to say more? Oh yeah, if you haven’t seen it, WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?!?!

With all the movies I went out to see in theaters, I also got to preview LOTS of exciting titles that are headed our way this fall/winter..what am I most excited about? Oh, how about some ANCHORMAN 2!!

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