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What’s On Your Fall Television Schedule?

fall tv schedule feature imageFall is just around the corner, and with it some really great television. I can tell you for certain that some of our staple shows are bound for greatness with their fall premieres: The Walking Dead (October 12, AMC) for instance is already claiming to have the most “intense first six minutes” and with what I have seen so far, I don’t doubt it.

American Horror Story

Even those last season’s American Horror Story: Coven, wasn’t my favorite chapter of the franchise, I have to say that I am completely on board with Freak Show (October 8, FX)! I think, once again, Ryan Murphy has been set up for greatness with this next season and as long as he isn’t trying to shove too much into it like last year, Freak Show has the potential to really scare the life out of us. I mean, this year’s villian is a killer clown that is supposed to make Pennywise look like Ronald McDonald.

The Blacklist

Returning for its sophmore season is one of the only two shows left on NBC that’s worth watching (IMO) and that is The Blacklist (September 22, NBC). Since cancelling Revolution (yeah, not ready to let that one go), NBC hasn’t exactly wowed me with their summer programming, Taxi Brooklyn and Rosemary’s Baby reboot.. REALLY!? Nor has any of their new shows for fall seem like standouts, so as long as The Blacklist is coming back, I will keep NBC on my favorites list.

James Spader is pure awesomeness as Raymond “Red” Reddington, and he breathes life into a network that is full of bad reality TV and poorly scripted dramas. He adds humor and sass in a show that is full of interesting and intriguing plot lines, and is surrounded by an equally talented supporting cast.

Sadly, CBS and ABC have pretty much lost me as a viewer, with Modern Family being about the only thing left on ABC that I make sure to tune in for. I am still in love with the Pritchetts and Dumpheys and cannot wait for them to come back to my Wednesday night line up. Even seven seasons in, they find ways to keep family life really ridiculous, funny, and easy going. 

Sons of Anarchy

In other places, FX is gearing up for their final season of Sons of Anarchy (September 9, FX). My only regret here is that I missed out on the first six seasons as they played out live, only having binged the show over this past winter. I have yet to catch up on season six, but that’s ok. My DVR is set and ready for the Son’s final season, and I will play catch up along the way thanks to the magical addiction that is my Netflix account.

Speaking of which, if you don’t have a Netflix subscription, I highly suggest getting one or making friends with someone who is willing to share. Some of the absolute best television programming right now is on Netflix and you would be doing yourself a diservice if you miss out on Orange is the New Black and House of Cards. Both of which will air new seasons in 2015, so you have plenty of time to catch up!

Even though I am well out of the targeted demo for it, I am really excited for the return of Supernatural (October 7, CW).


Season 10 premieres this October, and I am giddy with excitment. The way that last season ended was a game changer, and a fantastic way to lend life to a show that, most would say should have ended four or five seasons ago. Keep huntin’ boys, I’ll ride along in the Impala until we are all old and gray.

So far, the only new show that looks worth tuning in to, for me anyway, is Fox’s ‘Gotham’. I am admittedly a big fan of the Dark Knight Series, and I think that this prequel tale of Gotham city looks pretty gritty. I like gritty. While I do love some funny stuff, some of the best television I have watched has been down right dirty (either in mud or scandal). Go with what you know, right?

My biggest WTF so far of the fall season is the mysterious return of HBO’s The Newsroom. I feel as though I may be among the ones of people waiting for the third and final season. This show was fresh, funny, smart, and captivating. I am simultaneously pissed and enamoured with Aaron Sorkin for getting me hooked, then taking this little gem away. 

Of course, these are just my picks for what’s worth watching this fall. I know some of my other fellow TV Junkies have their own DVR schedule and will be sharing it in the near future. But for now, I want to know…

…what’s on YOUR viewing schedule?

Summer TV at Its Finest


Under the Dome, Breaking Bad, The Newsroom

So, it’s the middle of Labor Day weekend, and I cannot believe that the summer of 2013 is nearly over. True, it doesn’t end until September 22, but when you live on the Jersey Shore, the (non) official end of summer is this weekend. Unfortunately, with the end of lazy, hazy days, is the end of some of the best stuff on television.

Sunday nights have been my biggest television night, well, for a long long time. Going back to the days of In Living Color, The Simpsons and The X-Files (yeah, I’m THAT old), we would hold Sunday night TV in high regard, planning an entire evening around it. Not much has changed in the last twenty years. Now, leaving the cartoons and comedies behind, my main viewing tends to be on HBO and AMC. There is a reason that HBO and AMC have topped the list with Emmy Nominations (save for American Horror Story: Asylum). What they are putting into their programming has been amazing, entertaining, heartbreaking and exciting in ways that I haven’t seen in a long time.

Summer TV at it’s Finest: Under the Dome, Breaking Bad, The Newsroom

Starting with HBO’s The Newsroom that is a show about, well, a newsroom, should not be as edgy and exciting as it is. When you throw in an actor like Jeff Daniels and give him a character like Will McAvoy, I don’t know how you could miss. Not a traditional hero or anti-hero, Will McAvoy is an outspoken, numbers-loving, Republican ex-attorney who has decided that he just wants to do the news, and do it honestly. He wants to have the public’s trust (and viewership) and, he wants to make it all happen with this cast of characters surrounding him. Lots has been posted about Jane Fonda’s guest roles, or the work of his co-stars Sam Waterson and Emily Mortimer, all very talented and equally amazing on this show. But to overlook the supporting cast would be a mistake. Olivia Munn, who plays financial guru Sloan Sabbith gets some of THE BEST LINES of each episode. The chemistry that is building between her and Don Keefer (Thomas Sadoski) has actually made me like the character of Don. That in itself is remarkable. Unfortunately, only given nine episodes for it’s sophomore season, I can only hope that come next summer, HBO will generate more for this underrated gem.

AMC’s Breaking Bad is also in the home stretch towards its’ SERIES finale. Just let that sink in for a moment… No more Walt. No more Jessie. These two men, who (if you’ve watched from the beginning) have been breaking your heart, causing you to scream or cry or unable to breath for years, will be gone. I’ve never had such a love/hate relationship like I have had with Walter White. And, even after the latest episode 5×11 Confessions, I still don’t want to see him get caught. For all that he’s put his family through, for all that he’s put Jessie through, and himself… just doesn’t seem right for this cancer-stricken chemistry teacher to pay for just trying to provide for his family. Just want to give a big shout out of thanks to Vince Gilligan for making me realize how blurry my moral lines really were. What else can you say that hasn’t already been said about Breaking Bad? If this wasn’t a show that you watched, I suggest to purchase a Netflix subscription and binge.

Last, but certainly not least, Under The Dome will also be ending its first season soon. Originally slated as a 13 episode mini-series, CBS has decided that it has enough viewers to extend to a second season. When it first started, I had said out right that even though I read the book, I wouldn’t compare the two. After the first few episodes I realized just how impossible that would be. The story took a completely different turn nearly immediately, and it worked perfectly. While the characters are familiar, the story is fresh and works better for television that the story originally told in the novel. With only two episodes left, it’s hard to imagine getting to the mystery of the dome, so I am extremely happy that season 2 will be back next summer.

With all this great programming ending, I am very thankful for the fall season starting! What is on your TV viewing schedule?