Review – NBC’s Revolution – “There Will Be Blood”

Revolution Season 2You Say You Want a Revolution? Well, There Will Be Blood!

Jumping right into this week’s brand new Revolution, Aaron is alive (?!), Miles went through the Red Door, Charlie caught up with her man, and the ever-scheming Tom Neville hatched a new plan. That is the second installment, There Will be Blood, in a nutshell. Was there more, of course! In fact, there was so much more I felt the need to rewatch the episode several times just to make sure I caught every thing. To be honest, I really don’t know where to start, so let’s have a quick recap first.

Miles: After being captured by Titus Andover’s men, Miles and Sheriff Mason find themselves locked in cages in a poorly lit room where they aren’t the only prisoners. At the end of this “holding cell” is a Red Door that no one ever leaves. Miles and Mason are both given a blood test of sorts and when it is determined that the Sherriff isn’t a match, it’s a bullet to the head for him. Eventually, Miles gets himself free of his restraints and would have gotten away if he hadn’t stopped to let out another prisoner. They get caught, scuffle ensues, and Miles “Fancy Pants” Matheson is brought to see Titus (who is really super creepy). Right after Titus tells Miles about his life before the blackout (Yikes), he decides not to kill him. Instead, Titus dishes out a hammer to Miles’ hand. Miles gets his escort through the red door.

Aaron, Rachel & Woodbury*(oops, I mean Willoughby): Aaron catches his breath even though he was dead; for about two and a half hours apparently. Rachel and Aaron discuss the nanites and how they were most likely the cause of his resurrection. Meanwhile, the sheriff is sent home, dead, on a horse, and in a fairly normal reaction they freak out and batten down the hatches while they wait for the Rangers to arrive. Aaron and Cynthia keep the kids busy with grand tales of a heroic band of men who saved New York long ago, The Ghostbusters. Rachel begs her father to get a group together to go rescue Miles from his captivity. Eventually, Rachel gets her rescue group together and as they ride off after Miles (or Stu), they notice a large (huge, ginormous?) group of dead rats. Yuck.

Aaron begins to notice more odd goings on after having a hallcination of a dying, bleeding Ben on the floor saying, “it’s you, it’s you Aaron.” Aaron, understandably, freaks out. As Cynthia tries to push the idea of it all being a miracle, Aaron bursts her bubble by revealing what he knows about the nanotechnology and the blackout. A nice series of flashbacks to that night in the Tower, giving us a glimpse at what happened immediately after the ICMBs hit their targets.

Charlie & Monroe: After following the guys that kidnapped Monroe, Charlie gets herself caught and wakes up chained at the bottom of a drained pool, across from the man himself. Adam patches her up and questions her motives for chasing after Monroe. He tells Charlie that they were hired by the Patriots to go after Monroe for the crime of dropping the bombs. After a snarky exchange between Charlie and Monroe (one of my favorite scenes, by the way), the bounty hunters release Charlie and take Monroe to transport him back to the Patriots. Once they are moving, Monroe breaks out of his restraints and frees himself out of the horse drawn wagon and runs off into the woods. Charlie catches up and jumps in on the action, taking her shot at Monroe. Monroe wins this one and takes off in the wagon.

The Nevilles: The first time we see Tom this episode, he is playing drunk to buddy up to one of the Patriot Guards. Going by the name Edgar Crane, he seems to have made his first “in” with them. Tom, Jason and an ex-rebel fighter conspire to take out Secretary Allenford, whom they all have reasons for wanting dead. Putting their plan into motion, Tom does what he does best, and shifts gears last minute; initiating his true intentions into motion. Instead of helping to assassinate Secretary Allenford, he played her hero and killed the ex-rebel who was going to shoot her. Tom is brought in to see Ms. Allenford and continues his manipulation of the Patriots, which seems to pay off for him.

The Patriots: There was a sequence towards the end of the episode where the guy holding Miles for Titus scribbles on a paper and wax seals it with the pyramid-eye symbol that you see on the back of money. Cut to Secretary Allenford opening a similar piece of paper and reading something scribbled in Arabic. Sketchy, right?

Review of Episode 2×02 “There Will be Blood”

I thought the writing of this episode was some of the best this show has had yet. Who ever is writing the dialogue for Aaron, is a comic genius because he had some of the funniest lines of the night. His entire situation is very interesting and it’s the mystery I am most excited to see play out. As usual, I was entertained from beginning to end and I already see a big difference between this season and last. Characters are stronger, yet, weaker. Besides the great writing, the entire cast seems to have brought their “A” game. Another great episode that is definitely worth watching a few times over!

Best Lines & Noteworthy Moments of Revolution 2×02:

The exchange between Miles and Mason when they are locked up about the legendary man that made him want to become a Sheriff, “Walker, Texas Ranger”… haha!!

Rachel: “Hey, how ya feeling?” Aaron: “For a dead guy, ok. Little dehydrated, hungry for brains.”

Aaron: “The microscopic robots in the air magically resurrected me, that’s totally logical.”

Charlie to Monroe: “Did it ever occur to you that you sucked at your job?”

Miles to Titus: “Listen, I got a pretty full afternoon, so, whatever you’re gonna do, just do it.”

*Is it just me or does the set of Willoughby bare a really strong resemblance from Woodbury on The Walking Dead? Just throw a few buses and zombies in there and it would be nearly identical! That, or I am just crossing fandoms again.

Revolution episode 2.03 “Love Story” airs Wednesday, October 9th at 8/7C on NBC.

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