Get Deep Inside Amy Schumer..and then some!

That’s right, she said it and you heard it! And you’re gonna keep hearing it because Amy Schumer ain’t got nothin’ to hide!
What does it mean to “crack the f*** up?”
I think it means you’ve been so highly entertained that for a few moments your brain glitches – it tries to process the awesome and clever situation you’ve just witnessed and in response you begin to laugh uncontrollably – sometimes to the point of urination!. You’ve just cracked the f*** up! Then you release a sigh so full of the tension and stress you’ve been holding onto prior to said’s almost addictive. I love comedy, I love to laugh and Amy Schumer is givin’ it to me every Tuesday Night [on Comedy Central] just the way I like it!
The first time I heard of Amy Schumer was on Last Comic Standing…which, by the way – what happened to that show?? I was working 2 jobs at the time, wasn’t as HUGE of a fan of TV so I missed out on that one, but I DID remember her name!
Then she started appearing on the show The Roast of [insert name here]…and she always made me laugh.
amyschumer003I’ve also seen her in a few specials on Comedy Central. Her presentation is so different from other comics, I feel. She has this way about her when she tells her jokes, they often lead into another so seemlessly that I can’t believe my ears and once again I’m laughing my ass off! She’s smart and witty and even though I feel like I can’t believe the stories she’s telling happened, I am certain she’s being genuine!
I’ve waited a few episodes to post my thoughts on Inside Amy Schumer (which premiered April 30, 2013) and I can say without a doubt, this is a show you should be watching!
I feel like comedy has come a really long way and that what entertains me is dependent on clever, silly, and honest writing. The new wave of young comics is really paving the road for some of the best laughs I’ve ever had. And “we want more, we want more” *Comedy is like my best friend :)*
Anyway – I’m so happy that Amy Schumer got her own show – her jokes are well written yet out of the blue, the format of her show is a mix of stand up and sketch comedy (which at times correlate), she also does these random public questionariesand to keep the show interesting, she also has sit down interviews. These segments are filmed in a very laid-back style with ordinary people – some with generic jobs and others who may have a unique quality that Amy inquires about.
There are so many comics out there that are very fortunate to have graced the TV screen (Flight of the Conchords, Sara Silverman, Whitney Cummings — yes, i know, her show on NBC was terrible but i have seen her standup on TV and LIVE at the Comedy Cellar in NY and she is pretty funny) and Amy Schumer is no less deserving of her own weekly television show!
So, I hope you can stay up late to watch Inside Amy Schumer  I promise you, you’ll be laughing at her jokes like it’s nobody’s business! I had NO idea this show was in the works and I’m confident it’ll be sticking around for quite some time. … but then again, this is Comedy Central so ya never know…
But wait! There’s more!…
I hope you’re not too tired of laughing yet, people! Let’s fill that hole The Office left in our hearts with the Bluths! Arrested Development is coming back in just a few days and I am going to be tuning in to Netflix on Thursday nights to watch ONE episode per week and, you know it, Blog ALL about it 🙂 Won’t you join me?

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  1. I enjoyed your blog very much. You’re so right! I think the thing that makes her stick out is how genuine she seems and that she’s got the absurdity of women down to a T! My boyfriend thinks it’s a funny show but I’m seriously cracking up the entire time because she does everything so perfectly!! I really liked the black and white sketch from last week lol. It’s also cool that she’s not the star of every sketch. She seems humble and more likable to me partly because of that.


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