35 Must Watch TV Shows…Says Who?!

I was perusing through IMDb.com and saw this:

35 must watch TV series before u die (2000 onwards)  by Ayas Ranjan (created Jul 24, 2011).

The list is carefully compiled for the younger generation from the series I’ve seen & to all the folks complaining about HIMYM, Desperate housewives etc: It’s not a list of popular series..read the title b4 u c the list. PS-Five new series which I think can go on to become must watch are added(no 31-35)”

Here’s the list….read it and then come back and continue reading.

To my surprise AND DISAPPOINTMENT, The Office is NOT on this list!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? How can this be?? The Office pioneers Steve Carell as an amazing comedic actor! His best role in his whole career is playing “Michael Scott”! Yes, he was great as “Brick Tamlen” in the always hilarious Anchorman movie(s), but playing Michael Scott has GOT to be his shining role!

Now, I do and have watched MANY of the shows on this list, but I have a few discrepancies ..what about Sex In The City? or The Simpsons? I’d even throw Family Guy in there. i can’t believe LOST is on there considering it’s got one of the WORST endings i’ve EVER seen…EVER! AND how can American Horror Story NOT BE ON THIS LIST?!?! SEASON 2 was AMAZING!!!…oh goodness, i’m getting angry….

I know my 35 Must Watch Shows would contain a few different shows from this list, so what TV shows do you think deserve to be on a top list of shows to watch (2000-2013)?

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