Game of Thrones of my LIFE!

It’s safe to say i’m obsessed with Game of Thrones, right? Like, that’s normal, right?

Sunday night ends too late for me but it’s worth it as I have NEVER been disappointed by an episode! Why is this show so captivating to me? Luckily I know i’m not alone, you dorks 😉

I never know where the story is taking me because I don’t read books AND i LOVE being surprised by a good story line. I don’t even know where to start…honestly, i kind of just want to focus on Sansa Stark for a moment. This poor girl is kept prisoner, a Ward of The Court at Kings Landing by the Monstrous King Joffrey and all the while, she doesn’t know this, her fate is being decided by many of the players.

Let’s start with Petyr Baelish. His plans are to help Sansa escape from King’s Landing but COME ON! We ALL KNOW dude’s got a boner for this little lady. Hey, can’t have her mom, i’ll take her daughter, that’s pretty much an upgrade, really! She’s young, innocent AND she’s also the key to getting some sort of upper hand with the Starks…a virgin…. Littlefinger is always looking out for himself, so this makes sense. Poor, poor Sansa…Will she take the boat with Baelish?

Next, King Joffrey….::sigh:: it’s clear he has no heart or care for this traitor’s daughter even then he knows she’s truly innocent and i’m sure if he decides it, she would be left in a cell forever or worse, condemned to the same fate as her father. I like her face. it should stay where it is..on her head…on her body, in one piece…

Olenna Tyrell has her own plans which were also influenced by Lord Varys– hooking up Sansa with her grandson, Loras. Sansa’s always had an eye for Loras , it could be good for her…better than staying at the capitol. As cute of a couple as they would make, i’m afraid lady Sansa would be quite unhappy…Loras doesn’t fancy the ladies! More importantly this would prove to be a safety net for the Tyrell’s – I’m assuming to keep The Starks at bay. I’m not really sure what the real angle is here.
I often want to be on Lady Margaery’s side, especially this season since we’ve gotten a chance to know her better, she’s quite smart, but i still feel as though she’s got something else down her blouse (as she often has no sleeves)…


– I also can’t wait to find out what is happening with Theon Greyjoy. That idiot got caught by SOMEONE…

– Gendry (bastard) loves Aria, right?

MY FAVORITE MOMENT – Ygrett HOOKIN’ UP with John Snow!!! WHAT-WHAT?!?! my dreams came true during that scene.. all i ever wanted was for John Snow to feel a woman’s touch. i think he’s a very generous lover! don’t you agree, ladies?? he ain’t scared to go downtown!

Winter is coming, folks!!

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