OMFG Something Happened on Mad Men!

mad men cast

No, seriously… this is not sarcastic excitement. This is sheer, unabated joy all because something of note seemed to finally happen on Mad Men!

I tried watching this show once a few years back and I don’t think I got past the second disc of season one. That made me incredibly frustrated because I had heard nothing but great things from friends and online reviews about how amazing the show was. I have such an affection for the time period, for the area of advertising and sales, and, well, drama. Who doesn’t love a little drama? When I found myself unemployed this past fall, alone all day with three kids and a Netflix subscription, I decided to give the gang from Sterling Cooper another shot. And I was really glad I did.

Fast forward to this past February, I had finally caught up on all five seasons, and was marking on my calendar the premiere of season six. In discussing the show with friends, I tried to explain what the show was about and why I enjoyed it so much. A summary, sure, no problem… but why do I like it? That’s a harder question to answer. With the exception of three, maybe four, I don’t much like the characters much. In one way or another they are all obnoxious, pompous asses who all deserve the worst that karma could befall them for their actions. Having said that, I suppose that’s one reason I do love the show. The writers have an amazing sense as to who the characters are, and even though I may never want to have a drink with them, I would love to sit here and psychoanalyze them all! MOST of all, Don Draper.

Moving on to my OMFG moment of this week’s, Collaborators: Got three words for you folks: TRUDY “F-ING” CAMPBELL.


Alison Brie’s Trudy absolutely blew me away this week. Her reveal that she’s known about Peter’s affairs all along shocked me! Then, the seemingly perfect housewife’s new ‘I-wont-take-your-shit-anymore’ attitude kicked his ass to the curb, stating,

“I refuse to be a failure. I don’t care what you want any more. This is how it’s going to work — you will be here only when I tell you to be here. I’m drawing a 50 mile radius around this house and if you so much as open your fly to urinate, I will destroy you.”

Hell. Yes. Thank you Trudy, for finally giving Pete just what he deserves. Now, if she would only find out about Pete’s other kid…

stanpeggyThen, there is Peggy. She is still my favorite member of Madison Avenue, even though her time at the SCDP agency is over. I find myself looking forward to her story the most, as well as, her keeping in touch with Stan at SCDP. While their working relationship was rocky at the start, they seemed to have forged a genuine friendship akin to one you’d have with a bunker mate while at war. Even when the war is over, only that person can relate to that part of your life and the connection you form with them bonds you forever. Maybe it was the long hours smoking pot, er, being ‘creative’ at SCDP, or the fact that they endured the conference room meetings together while battling over the Heinz Baked Beans account… or maybe it was the fact that even though she is a woman working in a man’s world, he respected her work… whatever the reason, Peggy and Stan are my favorite blossoming potential non-couple at the moment. Even if they never move past that, I still think she’s got more chemistry with him, than her boyfriend Abe.


Adversely, you know who I DON’T care about, Don’s new side meat. With the flashbacks he is having to the whore house from when he was a boy, to the way that he tells his mistress, in a crowded restaurant no less, that he IS going to take her dress off at the end of the night, I just feel like he is a flat out nymphomaniac. Now, is that because he did witness (well, peeped) at his pregnant mother getting plowed by his drunk uncle, or is it because sexing up a new woman is how he maintains that feeling of control? It was apparent that its all finally taking a toll on him when he told her he wanted to stop what they were doing, then, unable to walk into his apartment, slinks down to the floor and stays there. He’s clearly having a rough time of it and I am starting to think that maybe all the death omens from last season will carry into this one. I mean, seeing your business partner hanging from his office door, then having visions of your dead brother all over the place, that’s gotta stay with a guy, right? Not to mention the divorce from Betty, countless affairs, and a whirlwind marriage to Megan… Maybe he could make an appointment with Roger’s shrink. Which, by the way, are scenes I could watch over and over again. Roger and his shrink are great, and I really hope the writer’s delve more into that man’s psyche. That LSD he took last season opened a door in his mind. Given the year is 1968 and the height of the ‘awakening’ of that generation’s consciousness, I think that they would be missing out on an opportunity if they don’t.


So to recap the third episode of season six: Don’s still spiraling out of control, despite his successful business, beautiful actress wife and Italian housewife side action… Peggy is still being harassed by most of the men she works with… Joan is still being propositioned by that creep from Jaguar… Roger is, well, still Roger, and poor Burt Cooper is still looking for an office. Once again, nothing much has progressed. Oh, Wait! TRUDY F-ING CAMPBELL happened! 

And THAT is why I love this show.

On a quick side note… WTF is up with the previews for the next episode? I can’t be the only person who noticed that they are cut awfully and make absolutely no sense whatsoever. Don’t believe me? Watch this and tell me if you can even get an inclination as to what this episode will be about.

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