DEFIANCE Season Premiere


Wow, my first post and I am VERY excited to review this new show on SyFy called  “Defiance“.

I decided to give this show a try because I am a HUGE fan of “Being Human” [on SyFy] and I genuinely enjoy movies and shows that fit in this genre. My review is more of me breaking down what I’m seeing in a humorous and informative way. I try to be objective and not say too much as to spoil the actual plot for people who don’t want to be spoiled, but enjoy ridiculous commentary and wild opinions.

Let’s see what I think of this show as I watch it.

So far so good within the first 15 minutes. We learn that Earth is in its 2046th year and not looking’ a day over 1970! Various races live on the planet. We get introduced to two main characters: “Nolan” (love that name, btw) and “Irisa.” He’s human, she’s Irathian. He’s her adopted Daddy.

Immediately we learn the pair are trackers and scavengers of sorts, collecting items, then selling them in order to save enough money to ultimately leave this land and head to Antarctica. I guess that place is cool ;p

We’re seeing some very interesting looking species. The costumes and makeup for each are quite impressive. I’ve been watching Face/Off on and off and have come to appreciate the artistry of special effects-make up. I must say, I’m quite amazed with the production value – the creatures and environment are fantastic too. AND there are creatures in the woods, giant rat-bear-spiders…they’re pretty scary. My initial thought “oh, that’s nuckin’ futs!” Much better than the usual creatures SyFy pukes up. I really appreciate the character design – I took Maya and ZBrush courses – it takes a great deal of time and effort to design, model, texturize, animate and light 3D Models!

Defiance (old St. Louis) is a peaceful land of 8 different unified races. This is where our leaders seek refuge. And check it out – there is a WOMAN mayor (perhaps a descendant of a Leslie Knope) named “Amanda”.

There’s a typical Romeo & Juliette situation going on in this here storyline! We got the whale keeper from Free Willy and his flock of motherless children on the one side, and on the other side we got these pale-light eyed Castithan people, Ghosts of Rivendell’s past or Powder’s lost family, if you will. I don’t know, but dude’s got a Chewbacca-esque creature as a body guard. He’s like a Bull meets an Orangutan WWE biker.


I think i’m mostly disturbed by the Bowling Pin Aliens…”Doctor Yewll” is a jerk and behaves like an a-hole. I don’t like that Doctor. Would have preferred her or it to have an unheard accent that didn’t sound like an angry driver on the Garden State Parkway.

A little somethin’ for the ladies – Nolan takes his shirt off! I’m starting to think some older men are pretty hot! Or maybe it’s just because he’s standing next to a Pixel-man. DefianceBIOMEN FIGHT

Nolan’s got some SKILLS – he volunteers himself in an underground fight club and wins against a Bioman – a blue descendant of the hulk, by punching him in the butt!! Never thought I’d get to say those words together, “punch his butt,” unless I’m quoting Home Movies! Actually, I think he’s dead. I think Nolan killed the bioman – his heart or brain must have been located in his butt cuz he went DOWN!

I was VERY happy to see Mia Kirshner as “Kenya”, the sexy bartender! The first time I saw her was in Not Another Teen Movie as the sister of main character, Jake Wyle (played by the ever-sexy Chris Evans*)! Notable quote: “I just want a guy to take a dump on my chest. Will you be that guy?” She’s really good at playing the girl who’s down to F! Remember her in The L Word?

Defiance also has some political deception afoot!  I won’t dive into that, you’ll just have to watch the episode. This show has a lot of action – people are dying left and right, and our heroes just happened to get caught the middle of it all! Looks like Antarctica (the harshest place on the PLANET last I checked) will just have to wait!

Irisa is a badass, clearly, and at some point she will reveal the heavy load she carries on her back…perhaps she is angry that her parents abandoned her as a child…perhaps her eyes hurt because they’re too big to fit in her head, or maybe she just really wants to take a shower, she’s having a bad hair day. There’s a pretty alien in there somewhere. Good thing Mia Kirshner is there – she can give her a good ‘ol fashioned make over!

And Nolan, he’s not very charming and speaks with little respect in the way of Indiana Jones, but he’s got smarts! He’s the kind of guy whose bullshit you deal with because he can get you out of any jam. Look out ladies, not only is he a loving father, but he’s a man that also finds time to work out which is quite impressive – but don’t get too attached, girls..he’s not known for stickin’ around in one place for too long!

Oh, and of course there’s an army on the way to knock down Defiance’s door. Will this be a more devastating war than the one a-brewin’ on Game of Thrones?….hmmm i highly doubt that haha 😀

…Winter is coming, folks. Buckle up.

Some predictions

  • Nolan and Mayor Amanda, just call her “Amanda”, she’s made that quite clear (she’s not just mayor, she’s also a friend) – will DEFIANTLY be hooking up!…even tho he’s doin’ her sister…THE BARTENDER! Oh, love triangles. What kind of TV show would it be without one? You know what other show had a heck of a love triangle? The Office, with Angela – AND TWICE (Dwight/Angela/Andy ❤ triangle and Angela/The Senator/Oscar ❤ triangle)!!
  • Defiance - Season 1
  • Irisa will at some point blame herself for her own misfortune and demise caused by her own vulnerability and compassion. Hey, women are just more forgiving…sometimes we take greater, personal risks and yes, WE MAKE MISTAKES…but it’s only cuz we’re chances!
  • The token black guy will develop feelings for Irisa but it won’t work out. It ain’t a realistic show till they introduce the ONE black guy whose story will be cut short as everyone knows the black guy always dies first. Hey, I didn’t MAKE it that way, it’s just kind of been this unspoken rule! (Mr. Hanson from Gremlins, Eightball from Full Metal Jacket, Bubba from Forrest Gump.)

What else did I take away from this premiere…

-Aliens dance weirdly. I think they’re on heavy drugs; heavy future  alien drugs!

– It’s nice to know there’s still annoying Jack Russell Terriers** that bark and jump incessantly and don’t listen to their stupid owners. Dog’s name is “Cheetoh” btw. Ha ha…nice to know there’s some sort of relevance to that snack in the far future.

– Sounds like Jesse Isenberg is under one of those masks!

– Sunglasses look stupid in the future.

– There seems to be quite an odd collection of music… someone needs to update their iTunes library in this town!

– And what ever happened to Jason James Richter, is he hiding in shame?

– Also, I’m really digging that song that is playing in the background of the commercial for the Defiance video game. Can anyone tell me what that sick track was! Maybe they’ll play it at Club Extraterrestrial next week!

*Chris Evans is on the top of my list of hot actors, just thought you should know…

**I love dogs and don’t think they’re stupid unless they aren’t trained properly. And therefore are stupid because of their negligent owners. #StrongOpinions

Thanks for reading my review on Defiance. If you’re into sci-fi I suppose you could give this show a shot. I try to give new shows at least three episodes before deciding if it will be added to my weekly roster. Because this was the premiere, I chose to review this show during commercials, so, I’ll have a better opinion on the story over the next two to three weeks. Be sure to check back for an update!

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  1. Well, THANK YOU for visiting and reading 🙂 Please visit often as I will be updating my review on DEFIANCE very soon, now that I’ve seen the first 3 episodes!


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